Basic Trust Model

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Security and Trust Workgroup Call for Consensus: Basic Trust Model v.2

Hello from your friendly neighborhood trust model editor (Fred Trotter).

This document is an attempt to put into prose the agreements made by the Security and Trust working group. However, there is still considerable debate on several issues that will dramatically change the content of this document.

For this reason, Sean has created a page on Key Consensus Points. Where he has listed most of the items that everyone has agreed upon.

This page had lots of content, but most of it has become out of date relative to the key consensus page. Please go to that page to view what we think we agree on....

However, that page is based on the votes collected on the discussion for this page. If you want to vote please go there! If you want to discuss please use the discussion page for the main security and trust workgroup page.

Once we have consensus, I will revive the contents of this page to reflect a natural language discussion of why we came to the conclusions that we did.

Your friendly neighborhood trust model editor,