[Title format: use "[Name of Workgroup] Call for Consensus: [Document] v[Version]"
For example, "Addressing Workgroup Call for Consensus: Addressing Specification v1.2]

DUE: [date by which all feedback must be received or COMPLETED: if past the date]

[Provide a link to the particular version of the document, one that survives any editing done after the call for consensus; that can be found in the "History" tab. You may choose to either remind people to de-select the "highlight changes" box when viewing that page, or create a "blank commit" by adding some whitespace, so that there are no changes from the prior version to confuse people.]

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Workgroup Participants: Company or Individual
Endorsement (Yes or No)
If No, what can be changed to make it Yes?
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Other Implementation Group Participants: