Notes from Face-to-Face Debrief
Date: August 18, 2010
Time: 10:45am-11:30am

Participants: Brian Behlendorf, Jonathon Bartels, Tony Calice, Janet Campbell, Gary Christensen, Jason Colquitt, Ron Cordell, Tim Cromwell, Rich Elmore, Zachary Gillen, Mark Gingrich, Beau Grantham, Uvinie Hettiaratchy, Don Jorgenson, Dan Kazzaz, Chris Lamonico, Umesh Madan, Arien Malec, Alex Matsukevich, David McCallie, John Moerkhe, Parag More, Sean Nolan, Kris Olberg, Vassil Petyachev, Will Ross, Caitlin Ryan, Claudio Sanchez, Jason Siegel, Jas Singh, Mark Stine, Aaron Stranahan, John Theisen, Paul Tuten, Chris Voigt

Current Action Items
Due Date
Create a “Status Column” next to documents on the Documentation and Testing work group’s wiki page
Arien Malec
Explore the creation of “queues” on the wiki for requests to be submitted from work group to another work group
Arien Malec
Give Ron Cordell “push access” to get into the repository
Sean Nolan
Coordinate the onboarding and division of tasks for the Java team within the Reference Implementation WG
Beau Granthum
Develop plan to bridge communication gap between the Reference Implementation WG and the Geographies WG
Susan Johnston/Arien Malec
Prepare for Virtual Sprint to onboard new coders and plug them into projects
Arien Malec/Brian Behlendorf/Beau Granthum
Organize the virtual code-a-thon for late August and assist in collocating effort
Arien Malec/Brian Behlendorf
Determine location for the next Face-to-Face code-a-thon/meeting in September and initiate logistical planning
Arien Malec/Brian Behlendorf/Tony Calice

Arien Malec
  • Believes it is all about “Getting real!” The key elements are:
    • Reference Implementation
    • Implementation Geographies
      • Support pilots
      • Support their progression into widespread use

  • Offered that the dream of interoperability is really universal addressing
    • This is a situation where any patient/doctor/hospital can get an address
    • The Documentation & Communication work groups facilitating such messaging

  • Indicated there is a “Set of Dominoes” to knock down
    1. Solid, simple set of code
      • Any HIT developer should be able to work with it
        • Read it simply
        • Know who to call
        • Know how to download it, and install it in their source code
      • The APIs need to be developer friendly
      • The documentation around the code needs to be solid
    2. Implement really successful implementation geographies (pilot projects)
      • Need to test the specifications and the reference implementation
        • Will discuss the lessons learned afterwards
      • Goal: Making life really easier for the provider
        • Enabling the transfer of lab data electronically
        • Giving patients access to their data
        • Helping the provider achieve “Meaningful Use” to reap financial benefits
    3. Base interfaces are ubiquitously available for purchase
      • Code and software is installed in everything provided by HIT vendors
      • All technology has the interfaces embedded in them
    4. Policy domino
      • Need to make certain universal addressing is credible
      • These issues will include security and privacy
      • Another issue is potential disclosure auditing
      • Communication needs to be simplified

  • Our work can be “Better Done”
    • Reference implementation project management needs to be improved
      • Plugging people into projects
      • Beau Grantham working on the Java project-side
      • Susan Johnston working on bridging Reference Implementation with Implementation geographies work group
    • Much better messaging
      • When one goes to their stakeholder/provider on the ground, there is a need for a much clearer message
      • Rich is taking on this problem with the Communications group
      • Pretty far down the road, but still getting there
    • Overall certificate review process
      • What’s permissible and what’s recommendable?
    • Work groups needs to be better at telling other groups what they need
      • Implementation geographies can and should bug the reference implementation, documentation and communication groups
      • Need queues of places to send in requests
      • Be pushy and feel okay about putting through requests
    • Tremendous Overall Progress

Round Room
John Moerkhe
  • Believed the meeting went well
  • Noted that the documentation group made progress, although he was not present for the document-a-thon
Mark Gingrich
  • The meeting went well – was happy to see progress with .NET reference implementation
Parag More
  • Believed there should be a greater commitment to work across groups
Don Jorgenson
  • Looked forward to moving ahead
David McCallie
  • Noticed that there had been a little bit of a lull, but believes the work groups of NHIN Direct are getting back on track
Paul Tuten
  • Believed this was a momentum building meeting that was necessary
Gary Christensen
  • Recognized the Face-to-Face as a great meeting
  • Shared the urgency of completing the moving pieces in time for the Rhode Island Quality Institute’s pilot, which has a short window of opportunity
Rich Elmore
  • Thanked Arien for his leadership
  • Noted they are impacting 700,000 providers and tens of millions of stakeholders
Kris Olberg
  • Thanked Arien for his leadership
  • Kris is excited to be working on NHIN Direct after the Face-to-Face meeting
Mark Stine
  • Asserted that the reference implementation and implementation geographies work groups should definitely work with one another to a greater degree
  • Looked forward to creating more concrete artifacts
Dan Kazzaz
  • Felt honored to be in the same room as everyone else
  • Suggested that the organizers figure out how to have multiple rooms for the breakout meetings
Arien Malec
  • Agreed on the rooming issue for next time
  • Noted that doing breakout work is not that easy in a government building
  • However, also recognized that group would not have such access to the ONC officials such as the ONC question-and-answer session with Doug Fridsma
Tony Calice
  • Noted this was a great meeting
  • Offered potential space for the next Face-to-Face
Aaron Stranahan
  • Really eager to see the real timelines for the pilots
Claudio Sanchez
  • Noted the general lack of progress for people to come up to speed who are not attending such Face-to-Face
  • Learned a lot myself, but only because I came here
  • Need to think of how people get involved and jump into this project
Jason Colquitt
  • Liked the panel discussions – believed higher level conversations are a good thing
Jason Siegel
  • Missed out on scoping the stakeholders – but communications is getting better at it
  • Now thinking about getting his company involved in NHIN Direct (Atlas)
Alex Matsukevich
  • Good idea of NHIN Direct now, even though not fully prepared
Chris Voigt
  • Liked how the workgroups collaborated during the breakout sessions
  • Need to put pen to paper and get the pilots going
Tim Cromwell
  • Noted he was the only federal employee in the room
  • Thanked Arien for his involvement
  • Believes that expectation management can be better
  • Further noted that in a political season, NHIN Direct needs to be very careful
    • The ONC public affairs person needs to be careful
    • Congressional staff will want to know what is going on with NHIN Direct
Ron Cordell
  • Noted it was not easy to get here, but did well
  • Needs push access to get into the repository (e-mail Sean Nolan)
John Theisen
  • It was beyond his expectations that people were writing code
  • John is on the .NET side, but thought it was good to see the Java code coming along
  • Commended Umesh Madan on the .NET side
Janet Campbell
  • Liked the room being split up, so she could grab whoever possible
Vassil Petyachev
  • Liked the meeting
  • Thinks another face-to-face code-a-thon will be useful
Arien Malec
  • Noted there will be a virtual code-a-thon at the end of August
  • People might collocate if they are close geographically
Will Ross
  • Thought it was a great meeting
Jonathon Bartels
  • Noted this was an interesting experience from a developer’s perspective
  • Believed this was a good group of people to work with
Beau Grantham
  • Thought this was useful – especially the cross-communication between the teams
  • Interested in a dedicated code-a-thon
Sean Nolan
  • Had a ton of fun
Umesh Madan
  • This was his first time in DC – had a great experience
Chris Lamonico
  • Believes the meeting went really well
Zachary Gillen
  • Noted the final domino of policy will be brought back to Kaiser
  • Believed policy concerns need to be addressed/hashed out more than this meeting
Brian Behlendorf
  • Happy the meeting was over