Geographies Meeting 2010-07-21

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Notes from Implementation Geographies Workgroup
Date: July 21, 2010
Time: 12pm-1pm
Attendees: Richard Elmore, Sandra Sarnoff, Chris Voigt, Andy Heeren, Douglas Arnold, Charles Parisot, Noam H. Arzt, Pat Pyette, Leroy Jones, Eric Heflin, Kim Long, Umesh Madan, Kate Nixon, Uvinie Hettiaratchy, John Hall, Gary Christensen, Michele Darnell, David Tao, Paul Tuten

Actions from this Week
Due Date
Develop wiki page for key dependencies, resource needs and questions
Uvinie Hettiaratchy
Fill out key dependencies and resources needs on wiki page

Actions from last Week

Due Date
Review pilot briefs on Implementation Geographies wiki page
Fill out briefing template


  • Status and discussion around existing pilot projects.
  • Introduce and discuss any new Pilot Project Briefing documents.
  • Anticipated pilot projects -- not at briefing documents stage yet?
  • Additional topics / concerns (all)


Paul Tuten

  • Let’s start with Gary in Rhode Island.

Gary Christensen

  • Not much more progress. When does reference specification and software be done?
  • Briefing from reference implementation group.
  • Dependency in project plan

Doug Arnold

  • Last week we got Middlesex Hospital, AAFA, and eClinicalWorks to participate.
  • By next week, we should have Emdeon and Community Health Centers in Connecticut.
  • Posted a draft success metrics as well as additional information about patient population.
  • Continuing to have a couple of calls every week with Quest/MedPlus around information about HISP.
  • Waiting for reference implementation activity for their function as the HISP.
  • All of us are committed to using the reference implementation guidelines and protocols.

Lee Jones

  • Haven’t updated website.
  • Similar to other groups had some meetings with vendors. Have some infrastructure in community that we’re talking about.
  • We want to get more vendors engaged so it’s a clearer example of utility.
  • We talked to three additional vendors in community.
  • Now approaching other vendors that are approaching NHIN Direct effort itself.
  • Have a few meetings scheduled this week about identifying footprint in the same geography.

Paul Tuten

  • Anything we can do?

Lee Jones

  • Everyone to examine their footprint in their geographic areas.

Paul Tuten

  • Look through proposal and see where areas where you could serve when you have foundation of providers.
  • This week during IG call, I’d like to mention this request to broader audience.

David Tao

  • If you’re a vendor, we can’t do a pilot without customers. Anything with standard talking points or sponsor or promoter of particular pilot, we can connect our customers.
  • Is the vendor supposed to talk to customers? What is the key messaging?
  • How do you go about doing that?

Chris Voigt

  • Carespark is considering doing this. We’re in the earlier stages of doing this. Carespark is already a HIE across TN and Southwest VA. ‘
  • We’re a network that follows the IHE/SOAP profile.
  • We’re interested in doing that in early stages.
  • I don’t know how to broker and use other participants.
  • Do I reach out to them? It’d be helpful to have a forum for that.
  • David, how far can you stretch supporting others if you are already going with one?

David Tao

  • If we make any changes to our product at all beyond what is currently available, it’s not likely we can make that generally available immediately.
  • We can certainly start to cast around for interest.

Paul Tuten

  • We could have time to discuss this.
  • Anyone with unidentified pilots? Might be helpful to the group to find out what the scale of that is like?

Round on the Room on whether you have something that’s not published that might be coming

Kate Nixon

· I am interested in partnering in other projects and will put something in the next week around ACW.
· Doug Arnold - We have a lot of docs using ACW and perhaps Lee has as well.

Andy Heeren

  • Considering spinning one up in Kansas City area. If there are other HISPs interested in participating.
Charles Parisot

  • Definitely interested. I’m not primary contact but people can use my email where they identify and locate them.
Noam Arzt

  • Represent SLHIE and there are a number of geographies that are of interest to us. I need to follow up with them and at one point.
  • Kate, we might want to connect offline as well.
Pat Pyette

  • Too early. Initially considering pilot project in CO area, but will want to talk to folks at Cerner.
Eric Heflin

  • Just got approval yesterday to move forward and our plan right now is to stand up a national or regional HISP. That’s our intent right now. Interested in getting the process started.
Kim Long

  • Started on document yesterday, and we will partner with Memorial Care Health System in CA. We hope to work with Epic. Epic System to Physician offices and Care 360. Right now we’re planning on doing 5 different use cases in that area.
Umesh Madan

  • Hopefully we can get started on getting HealthVault integrated. For those standing up HISPs we’d be interested in talking. Anyone using HISP could be automatically enabled for HealthVault as a PHR. Really all it needs is for your HISP to trust our CERT.
Michele Darnell

  • In process of Secure Exchange Solution. Early stage so next week more to report.
David Tao

  • Not creating a new project but participate in another
Paul Tuten

  • Looking at use cases around public health use cases in a couple of different states.
  • Hopefully vendors have an opportunity.
  • Any other agenda items?

Uvinie Hettiaratchy

  • I suggest that we start looking at first steps in the project plan by focusing on key action items and dependencies that need to be addressed immediately.
  • It also sounds like people would like a forum to discuss resource needs and basic questions about engaging customers and/or vendors.
  • I suggest that we put these up on the wiki so that people can connect offline.
  • I can take this as a key action and email out the link and the contact information for the group.

Paul Tuten

  • That sounds sensible. Unless anyone objects?

Uvinie Hettiaratchy

  • Hearing no objections, I will put that up on the wiki. Please fill out your resource needs and questions that you would like to connect about on the wiki page.