Geographies Meeting 2011-01-05

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Date: 2011-01-05
Time: 12:00pm EST
Attendees: No roll call

  • any issues with ECW?


  • haven't followed up

RIQI - preproduction testing done, final test cases, demos available, first production use targeted for beginning of Feb.
MPS - position recruitment continuing, haven't heard back from eClinicalWorks, focused on version 9, a lot of eCW users that they want for pilot, delayed until March
Working to resolve security issues, MedPlus finished work until pilots are up
Timeline for 1st production use is end of this month

CareSpark - Susan

  • contract issues worked out, show demo middle of Feb.


  • VA - strong internal testing, working through FIPS compliance, business requirements perspective they are far along, most work is technology


  • Christmas holiday off from testing/deployment to write proposal for HIE challenge, no work done on moving forward on project, chasing alleged funding in CA for Direct projects, RFP released at some point to allow projects to apply for funding, no word yet, move forward to hit HIMSS target


  • providers were silent over holidays, HDMC close to operating at production, test transactions today, built tool on production portal to complete webform for reporting to send to appropriate state, some states have tool while others don't


  • tool could be put forward for ONC modular certification if there is sufficient demand


  • everyone is awaiting test transactions

HIN of South Texas

  • Medicity was acquired by Aetna, political issues with healthcare providers fearing having data captured by insurance company, still targeting Feb. for go-live exchange, not much progress over holidays

Look at recommendations from HITPC, all about fair information practices (FIPs) and what you do with the data not ownership status, from HITPC recommendations perspective things haven't changed,

Regulations in some states prohibit HIE from sharing info with payers


  • Distrust between physicians and payers, several methods around security of info, argument doesn't make a lot of sense, but the mindset (distrust) is more the issue

David (Siemens) - any statements? If some particular pilot chose to … store data in repository, that's the issue otherwise it's just an encrypted method, no such thing as central storage for data in messages


  • Best practices require disclosure in BAAs in collection use and minimization to follow FIPs, enhanced consent with trigger conditions. Direct will deal with small practices that have been disaggregated by actions of large payers over the last few years, it will be a real issue, more distrust could evolve. Objective approach is to distinguish what you do vs. ownership

Typical for doctors to think that payments will be cut when payers aggregate data

BCBSTN isn't part of CareSpark


  • even if payers had not purchased Medicity doesn't mean they couldn't offer a separate product that does storage, etc. Shouldn't be guilty by being an HIE


  • Medicity has been a very good partner through Direct process, planning to build Direct specs into product line, none of the conversation should be taken as slam or slight or indication that their business practices have changed

Updates on HIMSS?


  • nothing yet, we'll be bugging the appropriate people


  • haven't signed up, feel handicapped by lack of physical environment, it greatly increases the amount of work and costs,


  • in FHA booth in Connect demo - very stand alone, footprint was trivial,


  • intent is to have 1 interoperability floor, take issue back to Ivy. If your plan is to be on HIMSS interoperability showcase then continue work you're doing through that process, this is primarily around connectivity. HIMSS is going to be working with ONC, Ivy is working on the issues, but we need to touch base and coordinate. Direct demos could be in any of the different areas, no corralling for Direct. One Direct presence that doesn't care which area it's in - need right dialogue between ONC and HIMSS


  • no joint area


  • thinks he updated intent to demonstrate page, there is a floor with a HIMSS (live, new directions, something else) area and FHA area, there are rules for which area you can demonstrate in, intent is that Direct can demonstrate in any of the aforementioned areas, if you want to participate in ONC FH area there is a process for that. Exhibitor badges are an issue - the pressure will be raised


  • any other pilots put in HIE challenge proposals?


  • would like to, but we're outvoted politically

Will (Theme 2) and Gary (Theme 2 and Theme 5), Direct is only part of Theme 5