Geographies Meeting 2011-01-26

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Implementation Geographies WG Call
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
12:00 PM
Dave Shevlin

Sri Koka - (Techsant Technologies), Will Hartung - (Mirth Corporation), Noam Arzt - (HLN Consulting, LLC), John Williams - (Garden State Health Systems/Health-ISP), Mark Bamberg - (MEDfx), Parag More - (MedAllies), Doug Arnold - (MPS and CGC), Debbie Carriger - (Medicity - HINSTX), Jessica Settelmayer - (MedPlus, Inc.), Tyler Blitz - (Microsoft), Andy Heeren - (Cerner Corporation), Greg Chittim - (RIQI), Gary Christensen - (RIQI), Susan Torzewski - (CareSpark), John Moehrke - (GE Healthcare), Hank Franberg - (CHRISTUS Health), Pete - (Covisint)

Dave -
Paul and Arien both have conflicts with the call today, so I will be leading in their absence. Paul had just a few things on the agenda besides group updates.

They are in production and working to add additional providers. Of late Paul has been assisting with the communication efforts in preparation for the HIMSS conference.

Paul had two requests to make note of:
1. Pilot Leaders – please e-mail Paul with the logos for your pilot and your participants (vendors, etc.) ASAP. These will be used by the Communications Workgroup in the forthcoming materials related to the pilots.
2. Also, we need people to commit to a call to coordinate the Direct story at HIMSS. I think the best way to do this is to announce your interest and I will collect all of your e-mail addresses to organize a call with Didi Davis.

Ok, let’s go around the other geographies for updates.

Greg -
We are totally heads down getting ready to send our first production message Monday or Tuesday next week. Part of that is getting legal agreements finalized. We've got a primary care and specialist identified that are going to be doing that. The other part that we're working on is that our EHR vendor has a date to sit for their CCHIT certification. We're just putting our finishing touches on a demo that will tell the story not just of Direct specifically, but what Direct enables in a clinical setting. It will be an interesting piece of collateral that we can share with the group.

Not too many updates. A lot of snow has cancelled meetings. eCW won't be ready until early March, as well as Covisint. We're spinning our wheels continuing to do physician recruitment, working with MedPlus to work on some Care 360 EHR rollout. We're not going to get good traction until we have eCW and DocSite Coviscint at the table as well.

Sri -
We're moving along - our first production transaction should be at the end of February. The code completion is on track. We're getting ready for HIMSS.

Susan -
We are moving through the technical issues and have made some progress. Yesterday or today they were supposed to send the first transactions round-trip. I haven't check with the technical team yet today. We're finalizing timelines for actual production with Mountain State. We're definitely on time for HIMSS demonstrations.

Redwood MedNet
Will -
Nominally we're working on production goals. The participation in the booth has presented interesting new deadlines, so it's pushed our production focus out to some of the presentation focus. Otherwise, we had a funny occurrence last week: 2 of our providers asked to establish a local EKG registry, which has become an interesting conversation. We're still, in theory, heads down to getting to first live transaction and demoing it at HIMSS.

South Texas
Hank Sanberg -
I'd like to welcome Deb. She is with Medicity (the HISP that we're using). We don't have a lot for an update. We've had meetings last week with the physicians that are participating. We're still working with the EMR vendors to get everything in place. We're trying to get things moving as quickly as possible, but it won't be in time for HIMSS.

Dave -
Those were all of the updates that I was given to share with the group. Just to recap:
Fill out attendance form on wiki.
E-mail Paul Tuten with logos for your pilot and participants.
Reach out to me ([[1]]) if you are interested in joining a call to plan the Direct story at HIMSS, organized by Didi Davis.

Doug -
Has the time for the call been established?

Dave -
Not yet.

Doug -
I'll be on the call if I can fit it in.

Will -
Me too.

Hank -
I will too.

Other Updates:

New Pilot Update
Mark -
We have not yet posted our Pilot proposal, but we are intending to demonstrate at HIMSS. Should I also send the logos for the demonstration?

Our demonstration is on provider registry, certificate authority, and portal integration to demonstrate the referral test case to care managers at MedVirgina. It's a collaboration because MEDfx, Verizon, and MedVirigina in the Richmond area.

Doug -
I just want to make sure that everyone knows about the Standards and Interoperability Framework, which is another project by ONC. They're searching for new participants now. They will be working on Transitions of Care and Lab Interface, specifically around ambulatory care.

Dave -
Yes, you will be hearing a lot about that. We are actively seeking new members for those initiatives. You can learn more about that at

Ok, well thank you everyone. Have a good week!