Geographies Meeting 2011-05-18

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Implementation Geographies WG

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
12:00 PM

Greg -
We ran our second Health IT expo for physicians in the state. Direct is a big focus - we've got 3 HISPs that got all of their contracting worked out and they'll be signing up real doctors at the expo. There are 3 or 4 others that are finishing up their contracting and will be in the marketplace. We're finishing up the notion of the RI Trust Community. We'll issue certificates through an independent HISP that will make it easier for physicians to exchange info via Direct. The other part is we are in the process of upgrading the infrastructure for CurrentCare state HIE so it can start accepting Direct messages. We'll see that up within a month or so.

Gary -
This is the first statewide visibility into Direct.

Kim -
We basically have a few e-mail users live as well as Care360 EHR users. Additionally, ECW has contacted us and is ready to start testing between Care360 and ECW. We'll hopefully do that next week.

Med Allies
Al -
There is nothing new to report. We're at the end of a phase of testing, we're now waiting to understand the plan that Albany Medical Center has in terms of rolling this out.

Sri -
We are just starting up, we are stepping deeper into Direct in the next few weeks.

Onboarding is becoming a challenge to because we want to get the comfort levels of the providers. Some of the providers have EHR connectivity. We have Epic. Epic is saying that they have the software update and that version update should be able to communicate directly with Direct.

The pilot is Outlook and web-based. We are telling providers that Outlook is step 1 before they get into EHR connectivity.