The Direct Project's HISP Registry is the result of the "In The Meantime" Workgroup's efforts and is meant to provide a means for HISPs to volunteer details of their operations in order to engender trust with other HISPs so that HISP to HISP transactions may be more easily accomplished. The registry survey should be competed by any entity that operates a HISP. In particular, this includes organizations that 1) are able to update the trust store of their HISP with the trust anchor from another HISP to facilitate transactions and 2) issue Direct addresses.

How to Participate

Participation in the Direct Project's HISP registry is easy:

1. Download and complete the registry survey form.
2. Submit the completed form via e-mail to the Direct Project Implementation Geographies Workgroup Lead, currently Paul Tuten (paul.tuten[at]

That's it!

After your document is submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure the required fields have been completed and then posted below on the "List of HISPs."

Note: if you operate multiple, distinct HISP instances that differ in operational or technical characteristics, you should complete a separate survey form for each such instance.

List of HISPs (arranged alphabetically)

To review a HISP's response, click on the name of the HISP.