In preparation for the Direct Project presentation to the Health IT Standards Committee on March 29, 2011, we are collecting information from each of the Implementation Geographies that are currently live and exchanging data. The information collected will be included, in aggregate, as part of the larger presentation to the HITSC.

Please provide the following information about your geography, in an email to by no later than 5pm ET on 3/24.
Quantitative Data (we may ask for updated data on some metrics on 3/28 to ensure accurate reporting of Direct specification use to HITSC)
  1. Number of addressed endpoints
    1. Providers
    2. Patients
    3. Others
  2. % of providers served by addressing and routing
  3. % of patients with access to electronic delivery
  4. Number of transactions
    1. Absolute
    2. Per address type
    3. Per address (by type)

Qualitative Data (please provide your insight into each of the following areas regarding your experience with implementation.)
  1. Speed/difficulty of implementation
  2. Ease/difficulty of ongoing utilization
  3. Issues with certificate management (did geography use DNS mechanism? single vs. multiple trust anchors?)
  4. Speed/Latency
  5. Workflow issues
  6. If you have any changes to your technology provider/vendor involvement, please let us know.
  7. Any other findings or comments regarding Direct you'd like to share.