These instructions detail how to configure MS SMTP (setup described elsewhere for the C# Reference Implementation) to forward Direct email to and from the hMailServer MTA.
Here, a test domain '' exchanges Direct email messages with another Direct domain '' (SMTP/MTA setup for this domain not shown).
1. Server #1 (here, W03DEMO01) runs MS SMTP and is assigned our HISP domain name
2. Server #2 (W08DEMO02) runs hMailServer for SMTP (outgoing) and IMAP (incoming). This is the mail server used by clients e.g. Thunderbird.
3. Server #1 forwards incoming email for '' to Server #2, using an SMTP 'Remote domain' configuration as shown below.
4. Server #2 forwards outgoing email for other domains using an SMTP route configured in hMailServer as shown below.HMail_Config_Outgoing.png