Meeting of: IHE Concrete Implementation Team
Status of Notes: DRAFT
Date: May 19, 2010
Time: 2 pm Eastern Time
Attendees: Karen Witting, Matt Potter, Vince Lewis, Parag More, John Moehrke, Travis Grigsby, Adeola Odunlami, George Cole, Jason Colquitt, Vassil Peytchev


Due Date
May 19
Finalize Intended Recipient Format
John & Vassil
May 20
May 19
Update case pages with changes made
May 22
May 19
Use e-mail for status updates
May 19
Post Initial Capability worksheet
May 19


May 19
EMR Source in Case 1 will be Allscripts (Backup plan: MedAllies web front end can be a Source)
May 19
Case 4: Source is Web application, submitting an XDM package using REST; GE and Vangent will collaborate on transforming the XDM package to XDR as the Source HISP (backup plan is MedAllies to also participate in the Source HISP); MedAllies is the destination HISP converting to XDM.



  1. Welcome new participants
  2. Review scenarios from last week, discuss possible changes (priorities, role assignments)
    1. Can we switch XDR source in scenario 1 from GE to Allscripts?
    2. Clarify case 4 (per Karen's email)
    3. Other changes (if there are any)
  3. Review of status of actions from previous meeting
    1. Review and propose mapping of abstract address to Intended Recipient
    2. Prepare demo systems for participation:
      1. Med Allies
      2. GE
      3. Epic
      4. Allscripts (?)
      5. Vangent (?)
      6. Misys (?)
    3. Work on combined effort for conversion from email+CCD to XDR (for case 3)
  4. Discussion based on Issue Framing
  5. Review of actions and decisions

Issue Framing

  1. Review the implementation capability worksheet and solicit a volunteer(s) for maintaining the IHE Implementation version of it.
  2. Review Directory services work in the Addressing Workgroup and implementation within the IHE Concrete Implementations.
  3. Security and Privacy issues (please see this thread)
  4. Other action items to be fleshed out, and assigned


  1. This week we welcomed new participants from Vangent (Adeola Odunlami), Allscripts (George Cole), and Greenway (Jason Colquitt). Their areas of possible contribution are: Vangent - HIE/HIO infrastructure, Allscripts - EMR source of an XDR transaction, and Greenway - EMR source of an XDR transaction to a public health agency (CMS).
  2. Most of the discussions centered on the scenarios.
    1. For Case 1, Allscripts will be the Source EMR.
    2. Case 4 underwent significant changes. The Source-to-HISP transaction was changed to REST with an XDM payload. IBM will play the role of source, GE and Vangent will collaborate as the Source HISP.
  3. Format for Intended Recipient - clarified the initial proposal by the Addressing Workgroup, agreed to modify to use the "email format" as the identifier for intended recipient.
  4. Agreed that status updates will be communicated via email
  5. There was a discussion on whether we need a "cheerleading" effort, similar to the SMTP and REST groups. There was no conclusive agreement reached, we will start with the implementation capability worksheet and revisit the discussion in light of what we will put there.
  6. Janet Campbell has started an implementation capability worksheet, and Karen Witting will collaborate with her on that.

Wrap Up