Notes from the Java Reference Implementation Group
Date: December 09, 2010
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Attendees: Michael, Tim, Pat, Beau, Antonio, Greg


  • Connect-a-thon went well
    • Well received, good event
    • Will schedule another in January
    • Identified and resolved some bugs

  • A lot of DNS documentation and unit tests have been added recently
    • Lot of unit tests around command line tool
    • Working now on core DNS logic

  • Word from Tim that the connection to the config-service issue from config-ui has been fixed
    • Working on the rest of implementation now
    • Tim will be available to help out, finished up other work

  • Mark is going to get the install scripts up to par with the assembly scripts
    • Hope to include DNS
    • Would be nice also to update bare-metal docs with optional DNS configuration

  • XD bug described last week (vanishing documents) has been fixed
    • Now a bug with MTOM not properly unmarshalling SOAP message
      • Large documents end up with 0 byte Document objects

  • Agent is going to be updated to 1.1
    • Includes ability to use a cert as a trust anchor

  • Config-ui will wait on DNS tools before new version number

  • Security and Trust workgroup
    • Might be some requirements around cross signing and policy OIDs
    • Pilots are looking ahead
    • More to come on this

  • Going to get some negative test cases documented
    • Revoked certs, bad chains, long chains, expired, etc
    • Will be nice to test these next connect-a-thon

  • Going to start attending .NET scrum teams
    • Talk about ability for config service to use ldap instead of database directly
    • Propogating changes from config back to agent and other pieces
      • Allow for changes to config without restart