Java Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-09-23

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Notes from the Java Reference Implementation Group
Date: September 23, 2010
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Attendees: Greg, Vince, Beau, Pat, John, Dragon, Michael


  • Code-A-Thon Debrief
    • Great participation and interest in the Direct project from the Connect community
    • Active discussion on Connect / Direct integration
      • Still some outstanding questions on areas such as trust model
    • Direct specific working session
      • About a dozen participants Tuesday morning
      • Walked through install of the Agent and Gateway components
        • Including James instances and demo certificates
      • Identified areas in documentation that could be improved
        • Particularly for new developers who just want to set up a test environment
      • Action to create a very simplified walk-through to set things up (Beau)
      • Discussion about multi-resolvers, keying the mechanism per domain or organization
        • Greg says this will require some rework of some of the architecture to allow this
        • Should be possible, but will be a little work
      • Mark Bamberg has offered to help with the install/deploy automation

  • MDN
    • Greg completed first implementation of MDN based on specs
    • All handled by the email client, no auto generated messages
      • Leads to questions of business rules and value of MDNs
        • What to assume when no MDN received? An error? Resend it?
        • Still need some discussion on this
    • Checked into repository
    • Fully Javadoc'd
    • Config spec on API website needs updating to reflect changes

  • Hudson
    • Greg fixed the failing unit tests
    • Server will email out success/failure upon commit

  • Config
    • Pat has checked in updates to the config tool
      • Including UI (just not included in parent pom.xml)
    • Currently has 1 service class that has all interfaces
      • Rather than 4 different services
    • Not using Umesh's WSDL
      • Used the same operations as C#
      • Should be very close, but do not expect identical
      • WSDL based
      • Should be fairly easy to map
    • Using CFX
      • Proxy code is auto generated

  • LDAP
    • Possible resource from Code-A-Thon to help with this
      • Bin Chen
    • We will probably have to look into our implementation based on recent comments

  • Client API
    • Arien mentioned this briefly at the Code-A-Thon
    • Needs to be brought up in Tuesday meeting (cross-team)