Java Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-11-11

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Notes from the Java Reference Implementation Group
Date: November 11, 2010
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Attendees: Mark, Pat, Tim, Greg, Beau


  • Greg
    • We are in the maven central repo as of this morning
    • Includes
      • Conifg service (minus UI)
      • Agent
      • Gateway
    • Tags have been created for 1.0 in a tags/ folder under the java/ folder
      • Not typical for tags, but it is how we are forced to do it with Mercurial
    • Everything builds on a 1.1 snapshot
    • Parents point to 1.1
      • Because of a signing issue
      • Next time the pom will be pushed with the signing on a different phase
    • DNS
      • Started working on that earlier this week
      • Working on a backing store now
      • Going to get with Pat/Time or Mark for a UI
      • Not going to be in the 1.0 release

  • Pat
    • Pushed authentication to baseline
      • Single user and password
        • Within a spring config file is a default user/pass
        • A commented LDAP section is there as well if someone wants to implement
          • Greg is going to take a look and play around with it
      • Everything looks good
      • Went through all screens to test authentication
        • Unauthorized user is taken back to login
      • Greg says he had problems with IE
        • Pat will take a look at that, and push any changes as soon as he can
    • Made the UI consistent
      • Headers, Titles (to match page)
    • WS Edge
      • Removed a lot of testing logging

  • Mark
    • Still working on the James scripts
    • Will also update the install scripts for 1.1
      • Get in sync with what Greg has done for assembly
    • Also willing to take on additional tasks
    • Asked about process for noting bugs
      • Use the issue tracker
    • Going to monitor the issue tracker for things to take on

  • Beau
    • Added support for multi-documents within single objects
      • No longer separate things out into multiple files
      • XdmPackage can hold multiple documents
    • Need to support this for step-up (SMTP to XD*)
      • Currently only step-down (XD* to XDM)
    • Vince has some time now to continue with the XD* updates
      • WSDL bug
      • Getting up to spec

  • Misc
    • Need to update the assembly at least once more before COB tomorrow for UI updates
    • Will use the snapshot repo as official download source
    • Going to think about a 1.0 source snapshot release (for bare-metal 1.0 instructions)
      • Greg will think on this