Java Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-11-18

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Notes from the Java Reference Implementation Group
Date: November 18, 2010
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Tim Jeffcoat, Greg Meyer, Mark Bamberg, Michael Firriolo


After discussing the issue of Tomcat startup problems, we decided that the best way to proceed would be to try to find what changed recently to cause the deadlock problem. Greg is going to evaluate the change sets in order to figure it out.


DNS Webservices are complete. Greg asked if Tim or Pat could extend the config UI to handle DNS records. Tim will check with Pat


  • Greg
    • Reports that the DNS Server is looking good.
      • Standalone support for
        • A record queries
        • MX record queries
        • CERT record queries
      • Web Services complete
    • Looking at hosting model
    • Working with Guice dependancy injection
    • Would like to wrap up 1.1 work by Tuesday. Please commit any additions by then.
    • Will check with Beau for any updates on XD and edit the notes as needed
  • Tim
    • Will check with Pat to find out if he can add DNS support to the config-ui.
    • Greg will assist whoever takes this task
  • Mark
    • Work on install changes was stopped by config ui issues so the updates couldn't be tested.
    • Will apply these changes for 1.1 provided they can be verified using the existing workaround for issue 84
    • Spoke to internal resources at MEDfx for possible solutions to deployment deadlock issue
      • Found that there is really no way to control deployment order
      • Possible fixes would be:
        • Turn off auto deployment and manually deploy with a script, keeping services as unexploded wars and allowing ui components to be deployed as expanded directories
          • Greg stated that this would likely only be a one time fix and not hold for the next startup
        • Create two Service sections in conf/server.xml (i.e. Catalina1 and Catalina2). Although this is deterministic, it would require an additional port and would really only be a band-aid solution if all else failed.
      • Decided that best to keep looking for the changed that led to the problem to find a better fix