Notes from Joint XD* Strategy Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 30
Time: 2:00pm-2:30pm
Attendees: George Cole, Ron Cordell, Beau Grantham, Sri Koka, Vince Lewis, Arien Malec, Jas Singh


Arien Malec
  • Identified the two arcs for the XD* side
    • Step-up, step-down
    • De novo
  • Recognized that the Java side is good on the step-up, step-down
Vince Lewis
  • Mentioned that these could be organized into four cases
    • Identified the pure XDR to XDR case (EHR to HISP to EHR, EHR to SMTP, SMTP to SMTP)
Arien Malec
  • Stated that the step-up is EHR to XDR
Vince Lewis
  • Asked for clarification on the C-Sharp side with respect XD*
Arien Malec
  • Responded that the C-Sharp team is working with an object model which goes to XML
Vince Lewis
  • Indicated that he did some research
    • Take the XDR to a document registry WSDL
    • Takes the WSDL + all the classes in order to flush out the entire schedule
Arien Malec
  • Responded that would get him an object model that gives him the MTOM encoded stuff and the raw XML stuff
    • Sitting on top of the ep-XML
Vince Lewis
  • Stated that should generate:
    1. Service level classes that correspond to the WSDL, operations, and messages
    2. Set of classes that deal with the inner-level classes
Ron Cordell
  • Responded that Vince Lewis would not get both
    • They would not get the object model for the metadata
Arien Malec
  • Expressed view that it is better to create a new object model which is cleaner
Vince Lewis
  • Stated that deals with the XML level, not an object abstraction level of the XML
Arien Malec
  • Responded that he is following the IHE specification
    • The object has an author
    • The author has an institution associated with it
    • Set of classifications that are underlying
  • Indicated he has a plan for the C-Sharp side
    1. Build the reader and the writer
    2. Build the XDM packaging/unpackaging
    3. SOAP XML and associated MTOM
      • Package/unpackage
    4. Resolver
      • This is for determining how to package for a certain address
        • XDM or XDR
      • SMTP or SOAP?
      • Fake it 'till you make it
      • Initially hard-code certain domains/addresses that are SOAP receivers
Vince Lewis
  • Stated they could use the same API to fill it in on the client side
Ron Cordell
  • Indicated that they are not having the same issues with the C-Sharp side
    • MTOM is something you assign to your WCF client side
Vince Lewis
  • Indicated that the "Java guts" creation unit is causing problems with MTOM
    • Need to make a minor change to the XGG
    • Without the right streaming capability, will not provision the MTOM properly
  • Building a client side API is not difficult - should take two hours
    • Normally sets up a properties file that points to a test CCD
    • Brings to XDR or XDD endpoint
Arien Malec
  • Noted that if this is completed, it will bring much confidence to the implementation geographies
Vince Lewis
  • Stated he could get this done before the end of the weekend
Sri Koka
  • Asked if this could be brought to the C-Sharp side
Vince Lewis
  • Responded that he is attempting to do so with his current code
Arien Malec
  • Added that he is going to continue to work on what he is doing for the C-Sharp side
  • However, Arien Malec indicated he has no issue if the alternative approach works best
    • "If it is complete on one side, just declare victory"
George Cole
  • Stated that he has not done any coding work with this group
    • Just got a clone of the code
  • Cannot commit to coding right now
    • Could supply them with a sample of some WCF code that performs XDS submissions
Arien Malec
  • Responded that would help considerably
George Cole
  • Responded that he could put that together in smaller packages and share
Arien Malec
  • Stated that he is building one side of bridge, and that can get at the other side of the bridge
    • Arien Malec will write up a plan for the C-Sharp side
    • Vince Lewis can write up a plan for the Java side