Title: Group Home Owner sends home assessment scale to solo practitioner

State: Draft

Perspective (Who is telling this story?): Owner of Group Home for Disabled Adults

Before Story:
  1. Owner has purchased Internet Access to the Group Home (cable, DSL or call up, cell phone, or satellite phone access) including the Internet Access Device required (cable modem, DSL modem, simple phone installation, or wireless modem for cell or satellite network).
  2. Owner has obtained one or more free email addresses from Google (or some other free or not free email provider available to small business)
  3. HSP service is not available at a reasonable price, a reasonable quality of service, or is not available at all.
  4. The Nationwide Health Information Network offers a PKI certificate service and an Extended Directory service (in addition to the web service (UDDI) Registry service already available for Nationwide Health Information Network today)
  5. Owner has purchased and received a mail order Direct Project Appliance from a commercial Internet site (one of many DIrect Project participation options available)
  6. Owner has installed the Direct Project Appliance between a laptop with browser and the Internet Access Device.
  7. Owner has used browser on laptop to access web pages supplied by the Appliance that can be used to configure the Appliance with the Google email address(es), sign agreements for the Nationwide Health Information Network, and receive a PKI certificate for the Appliance from the Nationwide Health Information Network PKI service.
  8. Owner has contracted with a local solo practitioner to evaluate weekly home assessment scales performed on each disabled adult in the Group Home. The solo practitioner has also installed an Direct Project Appliance from a different company.
During Story:
  1. Owner selects the electronic document holding the home assessment scale for a disabled adult in the Group Home, selects the e-mail address for the solo practitioner from the Extended Directory, and submits the document from the laptop to the Appliance.
  2. The Appliance retains a copy of the document and sends a copy of the document to the solo practitioner along with a request to acknowledge receipt and viewing of the electronic document.
After Story:
  1. Owner may view the send log and the receipt log of the Appliance for receipt and viewing of the electronic document.
  2. Both the Owner and the solo practitioner have a copy of the electronic document.

Essential Data Exchange (What is the actual data being shared between parties that would facilitate this story?):
  1. PKI certificate public key
  2. Source and destination -email addresses
  3. Electronic Document with Home Assessment Scale designed for disabled adults in group homes
  4. Both receipt and viewing acknowledgment notifications