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Sponsor(s)/Contact(s): Carolina eHealth Alliance--Frank C. Clark, PhD

NOTE: When filling out this template, be sure to address the considerations listed in the Implementation Operational Plan.


  • Objective: Demonstrate the efficacy of the Direct Project as means to exchange clinical data among small rural physician practices, large urban HIE (hospitals & large practice groups), SSA (release of disability information) via NwHIN.
  • To demonstrate Direct Project User Stories:
    • Charleston, SC Navy primary care physician refers TriCare patient (care record) to specialist in large practice group
    • Rural MD refers patient (care record) to specialist to specialist at MUSC (academic medical center)
    • Specialist pushes CCD type record back to referring MD's


  • CeHA will work with two EHR vendors to integrate Direct Project technology into EHR functionality
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  • CeHA will work with Sun/Nextgate (ORACLE) to incorporate Direct Project reference code into CeHA's NwHIN Connect technology.
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  • HISP(s): Carolina eHealth Alliance (CeHA) (nine hospitals and four practice groups); and two small rural practice groups that are not part of CeHA
  • Medical University of SC, Charleston, SC
  • Preserve Health of Travelers Rest, SC
  • Charleston, SC Navy Primary Care Clinic

Resources Anticipated Being Available for Pilot

  • Operational HIE
  • MUSC Office of the CIO
  • Telus Health Solution HIE BUS technology

Success Metrics

Successful exchange of clinical data among providers.

Other Notes

  • Long term provide capability for small rural MD's and FQHC's to exchange clinical data using EHR.
  • Use the Direct Project as means to bring small rural office practice and FQHC's into Carolina eHealth Alliance.