Notes from Reference Implementation Workgroup
Date: August 3, 2010
Time: 12pm-1pm
Attendees: George Cole, Rob Wilmot, Andy Heeren, Greg Meyer, Stephen Outten, John Moehrke, Paul Saxman, Steve Felt, Don Jorgenson, Vince Lewis, Seonho Kim, Mark Stine, Umesh Madan, Steve Kehlet, Andy Thorson, Arien Malec, Brian Behlendorf, Uvinie Hettiaratchy, Ron Cordell, Chaminda Gunaratne, Srinivas Koka, Vassil Peytchev
Actions from this Week

Due Date
Write high level set of requirements for key components
Arien Malec
Ask Implementation Geographies group to do list of end user email clients
Brian Behlendorf

Arien Malec
  • Want to get to a dedicated Java team along with C Sharp team.
  • Discuss idea of a dedicated sprint. Would like to see conclude with specific functionality before the Face-to-Face
  • Potentially a code-a-thon at Face to Face
  • Need better organization of team structure.
  • Going through source code repository and Umesh has contributed most of it.
  • Umesh – update on CSharp agent side.
  • Open up volunteers for coordinating the Java team.
Umesh Madan
  • Trying to finish SMTP gateway. Got scripts that will install it. Pushing on this so that it allows Ron and others to install the gateway.
  • Bugs will be fixed. I will also provide a doc to run the scripts.
  • By end of week, set up call with CSharp team to get things moving on XDR work.
Sri Koka
  • Tried to check out the Agent code and compile it. Send instructions on how to compile it?
Umesh Madan
  • Will put instructions.
Arien Malec
  • Built with Mono and it builds fine.
Umesh Madan
  • This week’s goal is for everyone to be able to download it and install it and run it.
  • Greg and I talked last week. We spent some time last week catching up on changes he’s done. Greg is hard at work.
Arien Malec
  • Ron is about ready to contribute and Sri and George Cole also on team.
  • Can I get IHE work update?
Sri Koka
  • Requirements are to read and write metadata elements inside XDS.
  • We need to get a bigger picture of how many things we’re doing.
  • Keith Boone had a good document and Janet Campbell and Vassil put together some graphics from earlier meetings.
  • We need to get high level scope.
Arien Malec
  • Happy to put together high level documentation. Happy to write requirements. If that helps to kick start the team. I will volunteer to write high level set of requirements for key components.
  • Priorities are to be able to read and write an XDM zip file including associated metadata. Do same thing to send and receive XDR transaction.
  • Great to have a uniform interface to be able to do both. Distinction to go over SMTP or XDR.
Umesh Madan
  • That will get Java and CSharp guys to collaborate better.
Sri Koka
  • Any help from George would help
George Cole
  • Work we did before was actually getting document source. Familiar with metadata and understand what XDR needs. Can help with exception that come Friday, I disappear for 10 days.
Arien Malec
  • I know Ron Cordell lives and breathes XDS metadata.
John Moehrke
  • Matt Connor did provide some material that converts XDM to XDR.
  • Unfortunately Matt is not available.
  • Part of IHE demonstration.
Arien Malec
  • It’s on NHIN-d-IHe?
John Moehrke
  • Will track it down.
Arien Malec
  • There’s an NHIN D IHE code repository. It’s Java.
Sri Koka
  • Vassil, any source code that you can present?
Vassil Peytchev
  • Looking for it now.
Vince Lewis
  • Almost ready to put up XDRàXDR and XDR à Java side.
Arien Malec
  • Sounds like we have a quasi plan.
  • On CSharp side – Umesh will finish off plug and play adapter for using SMTP servers.
  • Arien has plan to write API documentation to serve as requirements document for XDS Metadata stuff.
  • Switch to Java side. Who can help serve as Java team lead? And whose the Java team?
Uvinie Hettiaratchy
  • MedAllies, Google, Inpriva, Cerner.
Brian Behlendorf
  • Dragon has been focusing more on documentation. I do need to talk to Connect team about this. They’ve committed to implementing NHIN Direct at some point.
Arien Malec
  • Any ideas for finding a Java general?
Brian Behlendorf
  • This is a large amount of work. Umesh and Sean have dedicated themselves in an awesome way. Probably one of the few voluntary positions that is merit worthy.
  • Alternative is that we have a few pieces of Java and it doesn’t become of the pieces used in the pilot projects.
  • If the pilots are all .NET based, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s ideal to have both.
  • I think it’s a priority for Greg.
  • If it’s a matter of procuring talent outside, not a gateway to that necessarily, but would encourage that be explored.
  • It’d be best to have someone step up.
Arien Malec
  • Any other updates on Java side?
Brian Behlendorf
  • If there’s someone out there who wants to be a general, I will offer to be a mentor and be an open source guru.
Arien Malec
  • Some lucky person out there gets to put on their resume that they worked with Brian Behlendorf, who put together the most famous open source project whose software is run on X% web servers in the world.
Brian Behlendorf
  • I’d do if it I was familiar with it.
Don Jorgenson
  • We’re certainly intending to play a role here. And we’re away of commitment this means. I’d like to see if some people would be interested in working with Brian.
  • Trying to determine scope and will get back to you.
Umesh Madan
  • CSharp general is back next week. Sean is back.
Brian Behlendorf
  • We haven’t gotten to public well for talent. I suggest we do this in a framing of a sprint.
  • Hoping that we’d have a Java leader ahead of that so that volunteers are maximally productive pretty quickly.
  • We could go to the well and send out a notice.
  • We have a .NET implementation well under way and we need someone for Java side.
  • Would mean bringing someone who is a volunteer. Would need to have time to come up to speed.
Arien Malec
  • Any status on Java side we don’t know about?
  • I would like to switch over to topic of organizing a sprint. Kicking out an idea of doing a Code-a-thon during Face to Face meeting.
  • Set ourselves a goal of getting Java team organized.
  • We can commit to a CSharp sprint now.
Brian Behlendorf
  • Let me propose a framework and then we can do a round the room.
  • Substantial time should be used by concrete implementation team for work from here to pilot.
  • Publicize it different as well to see if anyone else in DC area would be enlisted.
  • Suggest that week after know that during that week, that would be the effort to get to the 90th percentile. Doesn’t have to be in person meeting.
  • Should be period of time to get conversations started.
  • By end of August, one of the implementations will be at 90th percentile. Dependency is that we get information from implementation geographies team as to end client requirements and what their technology partners will lead.
Arien Malec
  • Uvinie and I talked this morning about this idea. We thought about doing the first day being working sessions. There will be a lot on documentation and implementation planning.
  • The meeting facility is not ideally situated. We thought about just storming a café somewhere that has free wifi.
  • Can’t do in HHS building.
Round the Room – Having sprint take place after second day.

George Cole
  • Unavailable until after Face to Face.
Rob Wilmot
  • Have complication with Greg. He’s on grand jury watch on month of August so play it day by day.
Stephen Outten
  • Check with developer, Shreyansh. Will let us know.
John Moehrke
  • Not participating in sprint. Don’t have resources.
Paul Saxman
  • Great idea. I still checking availability for face to face. Would like to make it.
Steve Felt
  • Figuring out schedule. Not privy to when the Face to Face.
Don Jorgenson
  • Checking resources.
Vince Lewis
  • Planning on being part of Face to Face and Sprint.
Seonho Kim
  • Not available at this moment. Trying to find other resource and will let us know.
Mark Stine
  • At this time, can’t contribute to sprint. Follow up internally to see if we can get engaged after.
Steve Kehlet
  • Discussing internally to see who can attend.
Umesh Madan
  • When is the sprint?
  • Arien Malec – Face to face with sprint end date. Also something later in August (one week virtual thing).
  • I’ll definitely participate in sprint.
  • Face to face Sean is representative. We’ll be involved
Ron Cordell
  • We’ll be at Face to Face. If we do the code-a-thon, supposed to go to a concert after. In either case, I’ll be there for week long sprint. I can give up tickets.
Chaminda Gunaratne
  • Not sure we can contribute sprint. David Tao will be available.
Sri Koka
  • Trying to work on resource allocation. Budget is tough for travel. Can’t commit to DC.
Vassil Peytchev
  • Will be at meeting. Will be able to stay until second day.

Brian Behlendorf
  • Sounds like a question of critical mass. We can take this offline.
  • Follow up email for IHE participants. Can say we’re investigating an in-person organization sprint, half day after second day and then a one week virtual one.
  • We need to cast wider net.
Arien Malec
  • Nothing says we can’t do both.
Brian Behlendorf
  • Need to do organizational stuff first to see if we have enough to sustain a week’s worth of work.
  • Sent two emails out for donated resources. Waiting on responses to both.
  • Ask implementation geographies to ask about deployment environments. Posted a message on wiki page asking that. Asking for a response within a week or so.
  • I will attend the Implementation Geographies call on Wednesday.
Uvinie Hettiaratchy
  • I will send this out to the Implementation Geographies group as well.
Brian Behlendorf
  • Any people who have resources, let me know. Or willing to rent a couple of machines that’d be interesting.
Umesh Madan
  • It’s on our list. We’re still working through it internally. When Sean gets back next week, we can talk.