Security & Trust WG Call

January 20, 2011
2:00pm EST

Lead: Umesh Madan (Microsoft)
Attendees: Greg Meyer (Cerner), Brett Peterson (VisionShare), Rich Furr (SAFE-BioPharma Assn), Nick Radov (Axolotl Corp.), John Moehrke (GE Healthcare), Erik Horstkotte (Mirth Corporaton), Brian Hoffman (DoD), Don Jorgenson (Inpriva)

Umesh -
Reminder: There is a new attendance tool on the wiki. At the bottom of the workgroup page fill out the form. Call out your name if you are not near a browser and I can fill this out for you.

Arien will not be on the call today.

Main items on the agenda:
  • Certification Pilots Recommendations proposal
    • Arien and John worked out the remaining objections, so it has now passed at the Implementation Group consensus level!
  • Threat Model for XD
    • It is up for workgroup consensus. I will tentatively set a date of a week from from today for review. (Jan. 27, 2011)

Hyper-quick meeting today. Get back to work!