Security & Trust WG Call
Thursday, January 27, 2011
2:00 PM EST

Lead: Umesh Madan (Microsoft)
Attendees: Don Jorgenson (Inpriva), Nick Radov (Axolotl Corp.), Rich Furr (SAFE-BioPharma Assn), Erik Horstkotte (Mirth Corporation), Pete Palmer, John Moehrke (GE Healthcare), Brian Hoffman (DoD)

Umesh -
Threat Model for XD is up for consensus

Arien -
I took the Threat Model document and turned it into a security consideration for the XDR/XDM for Directed Messaging specification. That's going up for full Implementation Group consensus.

Umesh -
Just a reminder, fill out the attendance form at the bottom of the Security & Trust page.

The main question that I've got is the XD Threat Model which is up for consensus.

Any concerns need to be addressed by COB today.

If you're not on the list of group members, add yourself on the wiki page.

Another good, short meeting. Everyone get back to work!