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Attendance Tracker for Workgroup meetings

In order to streamline attendance tracking for each workgroup, there is a new form at the bottom of each workgroup page that participants should use to "sign in" at the start of each workgroup call. If you are not at a computer during the call, the workgroup lead will ask that you state your name and organization at the start of the call to be sure your attendance is recorded. Click here to access the form for the Reference Implementation workgroup ONLY. For other workgroups' attendance forms, see the link on the respective landing pages.

Purpose and Goals

Create a solid open-source reference implementation and associated libraries implementing the Direct Project specifications.

Consensus Approved Deliverables

Work in Progress

Reference Implementation Components
Software Licensing Process
Software Development Process
Development Stories
Bare Metal Project
Implementation Interoperability Matrix
Reference Implementation Release Plan

Combined Bug / Task List

Team Pages

  1. CSharp Reference Implementation Net 45 (.NET 4.5.2, version 1.3.*) CSharp Reference Implementation (.NET 35, version 1.*). Find releases at
  2. Java Reference Implementation
  3. PHP Reference Implementation

General Questions and Support

Reference Implementation Support Page

Our Schedule

Reference implementation calls are no longer held on the first Tuesday of each month.


Lead: Beau Grantham

Srinivas Chennamaraja
Akira Technologies
Kamran Shah
Akira Tehnologies
Teresa Black
Martin Israelsen
George Cole
Didi Davis
Serendipity Health, LLC
Rob Wilmot
Cerner Corporation
Greg Meyer
Cerner Corporation
David Kibbe
Clinical Groupware Collaborative
Scott Rea
DigiCert, Inc
Luis Maas
EMR Direct
John Williams
Garden State Health Systems
Michael Firriolo
Garden State Health Systems
John Moehrke
Paul Saxman
Brian Ahier
Gorge Health Connect, Inc.
Jason Colquitt
Greenway Medical Technologies
Tone Southerland
Greenway Medical Technologies
Susan Johnston
GSI Health
Vince Lewis
Seonho Kim
Teru Morimura
Mark Stine
MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics
Sean Nolan
Umesh Madan
Ali Emami
Mark Bamberg
Robert Barker
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
Yvan Charpentier
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
Chris Harris
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
Ron Cordell
Charles Curran
Chaminda Gunaratne
William (Bill) Lusen
Chris Lomonico

Sri Koka
Techsant Technologies
Vassil Peytchev
Nagesh Bashyam
Drajer LLC
Beau Grantham
Harris Corporation
Claudio (Chez) Sanchez, Inc
Kris Olberg
Shreyansh Shah
Stephen Outten
John Theisen
Dave Juntgen
Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE)
Kumar Swaminathan

Wellogic Inc.

Joe Shook
Bob DeAnna
Recursion Software
Peter Abrams
Bruce Schreiber

Meeting Notes / Agenda

Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-07-06
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-07-13
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-07-20
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-07-27
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-08-03
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-08-10
Source Code Presentation 2010-08-18
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-08-24
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-08-31
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-09-07
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-09-14
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-09-28
Joint XD* Strategy Meeting 2010-09-30
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-10-05
Joint XD* Strategy Meeting 2010-10-08
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-10-12
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-10-19
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-11-02
Reference Implementation Meeting 2010-11-09
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-01-11
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-01-18
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-01-25
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-02-01
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-02-08
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-02-15
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-03-01
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-03-08
Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-03-22

Past Events

Direct Project December 2010 Virtual Connect-A-Thon
Direct Project January 2011 Virtual Connect-A-Thon
Direct Project February 2011 Virtual Connect-A-Thon
Direct Project June 2011 Virtual Connect-A-Thon
Direct Project December 2011 Virtual Connect-A-Thon

Google Group (for mailing purposes only):

Reference Implementation WG Google Group

What We're Part Of:

Implementation Group


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