Best Practices Meeting 2011-01-06

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Best Practices Workgroup Call
Thursday, January 06, 2011
1:00 PM EST

2 Documents up for consensus, 1 program in process

Arien - Certificate Pilots recommendations discussion up for call for consensus, due the 13th, updated, needs to be reapplied, document revised already to address "no" votes, wasn't properly raised to consensus status at implementation group level
Best Practices for HISPs also up for consensus (has been updated to address concerns) has a decent set of" yes" votes, encourages everyone to review the document by Jan.13th (by next meeting)

David - confusing because "no" votes weren't time stamped

Arien - addressed those and updated

David - need a new, clean signature tracking panel

Arien - moves old consensus round to bottom and puts new one at top. Proposes date of 1/17/11 or 1/24/11

David - no objection to that approach

Arien - Cert. Authority best practices. Update from Greg.

Greg - had a meeting before new year, good discussion, notes on wiki, need a follow up meeting with more representation from security & trust experts, proposed times early next week for that meeting. Another outcome of last week's meeting was putting thought into criteria for trust anchors and CA can use to decide if another authority should be trusted. Template up on wiki for people's thoughts.
List of criteria will go up soon for this workgroup and implementation WG as well, Greg's subgroup will complete that process, those not on the subgroup should wait for further notice of consensus
Those included on e-mail should respond with possible meeting times for early next week.

Arien - any more business to handle?

David - no new items from his POV, continuous news in blogosphere but nothing that needs directly addressed currently

Arien - we're working on the 3 right documents right now. No urgent needs from implementation geographies team. Next steps are to take 2 documents to consensus at Implementation Group level, subteam working on CA best practices will respond to Greg's email and get something together soon

Is there going to be a Security & Trust meeting today?
-Arien will not be able to attend but will be sure it is organized.