Building and Publishing the Installer and Source archive

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Steps to Build and Publish the Installer


  • You will need ASP.NET MVC 2.0 on your build machine. The installer includes the Admin web site, an MVC app.
  • Install INNO Setup - a well regarded open source installer creation package.
    • Go do csharp\external\innoSetup
    • Run isetup-5.5.2.exe
    • Select "Install Inno Setup Preprocessor"

Update and test your local repository

  • hg commit -m "Your commit message here" commit changes
  • hg fetch pull down any recent changes
  • msb test run the unit tests to make sure all is well
  • fixes? go back to commit changes and start again

Build the Installer

  • CD to the Installer directory
  • Run build-installer.bat and enter the major, minor, build and revision numbers. You can see the current version by looking at the GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs file prior to running this script.
    • The build-installer.bat file builds the updates the version numbers in both GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs and the installer definition file (DirectGateway.iss), commits those changes, builds source code and finally builds the installer.
  • At this point the installer will exist - DirectGateway-1.0.0.xxxx-NET35.exe and Additionally the source has been tagged with 'dotnet-1.0.0.xxxx'.
  • Perform a quick test of the installer in your "bare-metal" system.

Build problems
If you have errors building the Admin UI (MVC), you may need to build the Admin UI project separately using Visual Studio. We haven't figured out where the issue is at this time.

Push to the Repository

  • If something failed then fix and retest otherwise 'hg push'

The BINARY Artifact

  • Go to [1]
    • Summary (DirectGateway 1.0.0.xxxx NET35 DevInstaller)
    • File (upload installer/DirectGateway-1.0.0.xxxx-NET35.exe)
    • Labels (Featured Type-Installer OpSys-Windows)

The SOURCE Archive

  • Go to [2]
    • Summary (DirectGateway 1.0.0.xxxx NET35 Source)
    • File (upload archived source
    • Labels (Featured Type-Source OpSys-Windows)