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Project Status

1.0 Beta Release


  • Gateway + Config System code complete
  • Setup MSI for the above ready
  • Baremetal install documentation ready
  • XD in development (preview)

Target Date: Nov 12th, 2010.


  • All features for running the SMTP stack will be code complete
    • Gateway
      • Smtp Server integration
      • Auditing & Logging
    • Agent
      • Object Model
      • Resolvers
    • Config
      • Store
      • Service
      • Command Line Admin + Scripting
      • Admin UI
    • Dns Server
      • Windows service integrated with Config Service
    • Debugging Tools
      • Console with commands to manually invoke Agent features .e.g. dnsCertResolve
  • An MSI that lets you set up the Gateway + Config Service available for download from the Source Repository
    • All binaries
    • Process to push and maintain an archive of MSIs for last 2-3 "good" builds
    • To support debugging, a ZIP of the source + PDBs associated used to build the bits will also be posted.
  • Documentation
    • Improve Wiki documentation to help with bare metal installation
  • XD* development in progress.

1.0 Release Candidate

  • XD* Implementation Code Complete
    • MSI to install XD*
    • An XDM Zip File packager exists. It needs some additional work:
      1. Doesn't create file extension for documents (ideally, default file extensions based on content type)
      2. DocumentMetadata assumes text is binary encoded in UTF-8 but no checking is done for text items in the XDM package (ideally, would detect encoding or support pluggable encodings)
      3. Only supports one submission set on unpackage
    • We need an XDR SOAP packager/unpackager and sender
    • We need an RFC 5322 packager and unpackager
      1. Needs to detect if there's an XDM attachment
    • Need to write the transport resolver and plug it into the configuration back-end
    • Need to write the transport mechanisms
  • Stabilization & Integration
    • Bug Fixing
    • Interop testing
  • Documentation
    • Richer Docs for:
      • Agent
      • Config Console & Admin
      • Tools
    • Knowledge Base & QA List
      • Quick list of top questions + answer
      • Answers to Feedback

Target Date: Dec 31st 2010 Release Enterprise Installer

  • Install individual components for distributed environment
  • Components
    • DNS Responder
    • DNS Webservice
    • Config Webservice
    • ConfigUI
    • Direct Gateway
    • Database
    • Developer gateway (This is component is the same as the previous installer)

**Released Date: May 11th 2011 Release


**Released Date: Dec 04th 2012 Release


  • Trust bundle resolution

  • Utility to generate trust bundles. Found in source code under csharp/tools/trust.bundler.
    • Core component: Health.Direct.Trust
    • Unit Tests
    • Power Shell Commandlet: Health.Direct.Trust.Commandlet
    • Power Shell usage examples in the examples folder.

Released Date: Apr 18th 2013
Current Release: Oct 28th, 2015 Beta Release

  • Policy Enablement. Port the work completed in the Java Reference Implementation .
  • HSM limited. The current implementation is not scalable for more than about 2100 certificates. A future enhancement will wrap the keys out of the HSM thus not exhausting the HSM storage.
  • CRL without the Windows Cert Store.
  • .NET 4.5.2
  • No daily installer builds. Security requirements on TeamCity build servers would not allow many tests.
  • Find documentation as it becomes available in CSharp Reference Implementation Net 45
Released Date May 11th, 2017