Documentation and Testing XDD MEeting 2010-09-10

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Karen Witting, Vassil Peytchev, John Moehrke, David Tao, Arien Malec


Address to/from is typed xs:anyURI

Vassil to document purpose of addressblock (signals that SOAP relays should duplicate block)

Need to document transforms (WS-A -> address block, XDM <-> XDD, SMTP/RFC 5322 <-> XDD) in Interactions section

Always use SMTP values for TO/FROM, may be different from values in XD* Metadata (Author/intendedRecipient)

Karen will create a new SOAP header value for XD* Metadata conformance, will be coded type, will define at least two levels (XDS conformance, no XDS conformance), but recognize that multiple levels may need to be created in future. Vassil to review for SOAP adherence.

Arien to create metadata section with conclusion from meetings.