Documentation and Testing XDD Meeting 2010-09-03

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Karen Witting
John Moehrke
Vince Lewis
Beau Grantham
David Tao
Chaminda Gunaratne
Vassil Peytchev


Confidentiality Code

May, for certain data types (e.g., CDA), copy confidentiality

Could create new concept code of U for unknown
Could recommend that sensitive information not be sent other than with XDM

Omit: Karen, John, Vince (but may be able to infer), Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda
Default: Vassil use N, receiver should be able to apply directed messaging rules


Should be the time the document was actually created, not sent.

Omit: Karen, John, Vince, Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda, Vassil


No C80 codes apply
Could omit or create a new format code (e.g, defer to Content-Type)

Either: Karen, David
Pass: John, Vince, Chaminda
Omit: Dragon, Beau
Create: Vassil


Calculated, can always provide, base it off what you are provided (e.g., if encrypted, base it off the encrypted data)


CDA does not require, IHE perhaps should make R2, not R

Can default by configuration (e.g., table by source or base domain), use 11424001 for most ambulatory, perhaps use 310205006

Optional but encourage configuration: Karen, John, Vince, Dragon, all consent


If it's available, use it, could default to US_EN

Optional: Karen, John, Vince, Dragon, Beau, David, Chemendra, Vassil, Arien


Can always get


Can omit, use a specific identifier for unknown, or use something like Message ID for audit purposes

Omit: Karen, John,
Default to Message ID: Vince (audit)
Unknown assigning authority: Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda, Vassil (assigning authority should give a one time value, like message ID)

Also need a not-patient-specific code for future use (known use of not-patient-specific, or multipatient)

practice setting code

Choice: omit or default by configuration (possibly with additional values)

Omit (but encourage default by config): Karen, John, Vince, Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda, Vassil



source patient ID

The value as known by receiver

Omit: Karen, John, Vince, Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda, Vassil

type code

Handle like class code

R2: Karen,
Like classcode: John, Vince, Dragon, Beau, David, Chaminda, Vassil


If you can extract an ID from the content, use it, otherwise generate it.

Submission Set