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Direct is a wide ranging project with many opportunities to dig deeper into the areas that interest you most. This page organizes the documentation that surround the Direct project, regardless of its current state of development. 
Note: This page is under active development and should not be considered complete.

The Direct Overview

[Status: Call for Consensus]
Summary: 5000 words, non-technical
Direct specifies a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based way for participants to send encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet. This document provides a general overview of Direct: its goals, limitations, use cases, and how it fits into broader exchange standards already in place. Read more

Direct Deployment Models

[Status: Draft]
Summary: 1000 words, somewhat technical
This article describes the various models of deployment for implementation of Direct point-to-point messaging. It details the various architectural components and their responsibilities for performing the necessary tasks for Direct messaging, depending on the model implemented. This will help describe the interface specifications and define the tests that will test conformance. Read more


Documents that lay technical specifications for implementation and testing.

Direct Security Specification

[Status Draft]
Summary: 750 words, very technical
This specification covers the mandatory and optional security technologies of the Direct specification. Read more

Content Security for Simple Health Transport Specification

[Status: Draft]
Summary: 4000 words, extremely technical
The Content Security for Simple Health Transport specification describes an interoperable algorithm to secure messages on the Simple Health Transport SMTP messaging backbone.This specification describes an interoperable method using specific elements of S/MIME 3.1 to secure RFC 5322 messages, as described in RFC 3581. Read more