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The HIMSS11 Conference takes place the week of February 20th, and has an exhibit area dedicated to showcasing interoperability, including a general Interoperability Showcase generally tied to the IHE Connectathon, and an ONC/FHA area. Demonstrations of Direct Project specifications may be able to take place in either area. This page will collect all Direct Project intents to demonstrate, to communicate them both to HIMSS and ONC.
The Interoperability Showcase will feature leading organizations and vendors working in collaboration to Break the Barriers to Interoperable Healthcare. The cost for non-federal participants will be $5,200/kiosk.

For more information regarding participation contact:

Showcase Administrative/Marketing Questions:
Email: [[1]]
Phone: +1-312-915-9283[[image: width="16" height="16" link="#"]]
Showcase Technical Questions:
John Donnelly, Showcase Technical Project Manager/Intepro Solutions
Email: [[2]]
Phone: +1-908-693-7162[[image: width="16" height="16" link="#"]]

AND/OR Sign up for Google Group distribution to receive future communications.

Additional information that may be helpful for showcase participants

Shipping Information
Staffing Requirements
Use Cases

The Showcase can be found on the Exhibit floor at Booth #7343 in Hall E with extended exhibitor dates.

Monday, February 21, 2011
11:30 – 5:30pm EST
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
9:30 – 5:30pm EST
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
9:30 – 5:30pm EST
Thursday, February 24, 2011
9:30 – 12:30pm EST
(New extended date)

Intent to Demonstrate

Meaningful Use Criteria Demonstrated
Anticipated Production Status as of 2/20/2011
Demonstration Scenario
Contact Information
  1. Bowen Primary & Urgent Care LLC (provider, demonstrator),
  2. Oemr.org (EHR)
  3. Health-ISP.com (HISP, HIE),
  4. Microsoft HealthVault (PHR)
  1. Exchange Clinical Information.
  2. Summary Care Record for Transition of Care/Referral
  3. Patient Electronic Access to Health Information.
  1. Beta
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
    (production release planned in 2011)
  1. Dr. Bowen uses OpenEMR to submit patient summary record to HIE (IHE XDS-b) via directed exchange. Dr. Bowen then uses OpenEMR to query/retrieve summary record from HIE (IHE PIX, XDS-b)
  2. Dr. Bowen uses OpenEMR to send radiology order/referral to specialist's email client. Specialist opens the message and views the referral information.
  3. Dr. Bowen uses OpenEMR to update patient's HealthVault with summary care record. Patient then opens her HealthVault and views her record.

John Williams

CareSpark, VA
1. Exchange Clinical Information
2. Summary of care
Beta Release (production planned in 2011
  1. To demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing the Direct Project constructs to enable secure messaging within, across, and outside an IHE XDS architected HIE (CareSpark)
  2. To demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing the Direct Project constructs to enable secure messaging between a regional HIE (CareSpark) and a Federal agency (VA)
  3. Female veterans receiving care within the VA are often referred to private-sector providers for periodic mammograms. This project will simulate an improved process for exchanging referrals and consultation reports between VA providers and those in the private sector by demonstrating the exchange of text-based mammography interpretation reports from a private-sector provider to the VA.

Susan Torzewski

MedPlus, A Quest Diagnostics Company
1. Exchange Clinical Information.
2. Send health information to patient
In production in mid January.
1. Referral using Care360 EHR from Dr. A to Dr. B who uses another EHR or e-mail client. Dr. B then opens the message and views the referral data.
2. Using Care360 EHR, Dr. A sends patient information to a patient at the conclusion of patient care.

Kim Long

MedAllies, NextGen, Greenway, GSIHealth, Epic, Allscripts
1 – Exchange clinical information
2 – Summary of care
Beta Release
(In production by Feb end/early March)
1 – Closed loop referral
• Primary care provider (using EHR-A) refers patient to specialist (using EHR-B) including summary care record
• Specialist sends specialty care information back to referring provider

2 – Hospital sends a discharge summary to referring provider
• Specialist (using EHR-A) sends specialty care information back to referring provider (demonstrating both IHE & SMTP capable destination endpoints)

Parag More

Redwood MedNet
1 -- Exchange clinical information
2 -- Immunization Registry
3 -- Import Laboratories
Beta testing (release to production in March 2011)
1 -- send referral from primary care to specialist

2 -- send IZ results to state registry

3 -- receive laboratory test results

Will Ross [[7]]

Microsoft HealthVault
Patient Access to Electronic Health Information from their Provider

Live in Testing: HealthVault Message Center (Sandbox)
Live in Production: HealthVault Message Center

Microsoft is supporting demonstration participants interested to show how information may be sent to patients using Direct Project messages. The HealthVault service will be available over the web so that Direct messages can be sent to conference attendees and received in HealthVault. The message flow will model the patient experience of receiving a message from their provider. Message attachments may be included – Microsoft has created a brochure about HealthVault and the Direct Project for this purpose (contact Tyler Blitz for a copy). For additional details about connecting with HealthVault, information is available in the Documentation Library.

Tyler Blitz

Techsant Technologies,
Arizona GoHIE,
1. PCP exchange clinical information with the referring specialist and vice versa.
2. Connect and Direct data exchange scenario
Show and Tell Implementation for demonstration only. Production is not currently in the planning.
Scenarios are being currently worked on.

Sri Koka

Electronic data exchange between providers and public health immunization registries.
In production on January 12, 2011 between Hennepin County Medical Center and the Minnesota Department of Health.
HIMSS demo will show:
A. Nurse records immunization data in EHR from a retail flu shot clinic.
B. HL7 VXU immunization message created in real-time.
C. HL7 VXU transitted to HISP over secure edge protocol.
D. HL7 VXU wrapped in RFC5322 format and sent to department of Health (PHINMS edge protocol), patient (HealthVault), and primary care physician (email client) using Direct Project security and transport specs.
E. HL7 VXU unwrapped at all three destinations and displayed to end user or system in a manner fitting that receiver's capabilities.

Brett Peterson

MEDfx, Verizon, MedVirginia
Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information and Patient Summary Record
1. Beta 2/20
2. Production Q2 2011
Demonstrate the secure exchange of referrals from providers using the MEDfx LIFESCAPE Provider Portal to MedVirginia based Care Managers with a patient summary record to support the fulfillment of Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria using the Direct Project Protocols for transport, integrated with the Verizon Certificate Authority and Provider Registry to define the circle of trust.

Mark Bamberg