Implementation Group Meeting 2010-07-20

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Notes from the NHIN Direct Implementation Group

Date: July 20, 2010
Time: 3pm - 4:30pm
Attendees: Allscripts, American Academy of Family Physicians, Atlas Development, Axolotl, CareSpark/Anakam HIE Tech, Center for Democracy & Technology, Cerner, Clinical Groupware Collaborative, Emdeon, Epic, FEI, Google, Greenway Medical Technologies, High Pine Associates, HLN Consulting, IBM, Inpriva, MedAllies, Medical University of SC, South Carolina Research Authority, Medicity, MedPATH Networks, MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics, Microsoft, Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS), MITA, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene’s PCIP, ONC, Oracle, Oregon HIE Planning Team, RelayHealth, Rhode Island Quality Institute, Secure Exchange Solutions, Siemens, SureScripts, Techsant Technologies, VA, Vangent, VisionShare

Actions for this week: N/A
Actions from last week

Due Date

Send commitment to participate, specifying workgroup and exactly how you will participate (i.e. Coding support, Implementation Geographies Pilot, etc.) to Uvinie Hettiaratchy ([[1]]) or [[2]]

If participating in a geography, fill out project brief template found on Implementation Geographies wiki page

Arien Malec

  • Key deliverables for August 17th meeting are:
  • Reference Implementations: Provide a high quality open source reference implementation of the recommended specification
  • Reference Implementation Guides: Provide reference implementation guides for edge systems and routing systems (including sample code, testing and conformance documentation, legal and policy documentation, etc...)
  • Conformance Testing Scripts and Services: Provide conformance UATs and an automated conformance service for each concrete implementation
  • Key Implementation Geographies: The Implementation Geographies WG will finalize a set of key geographies for early real-world implementation
  • Interaction Model/Service Orchestration Model: The Abstract Model WG and the Concrete Implementation WG will provide an Interaction Model and Service Orchestration Model
  • We had a number of meetings with workgroups.
  • Want to remind people of their commitment.
  • Real key membership criteria is to do something in the real world. Supporting real world implementations.
  • Meaningfully participate in one of the following:
    • Contribute source code or documentation to the reference implementation(s), specifications, implementation guides, etc.
    • Support real-world early implementations with one of:
      • Groups of providers or patients participating
      • EHRs, EHR modules, PHRs, etc. implementing the specification
      • HISPs or HIE technology implementing the spec
      • Training, certification, or support services to providers
  • We ask each IG member to announce which implementation category(ies) are planned for support
  • We tried to make this very flexible.
  • Looking for each of the organizations to sign up.
  • We appreciate participation in workgroups. We want that work to occur in the real world as well.
  • The date for providing that is close of business today.
  • Some organizations need more time, so announce by end of day today which category of participation you intend to support and provide a date by which you can provide details.
  • We’re going to start going to organizations who haven’t sent a commitment or a timeline asking if you really do want to participate in Implementation Group so this is really important.
  • Please let us know level of commitment you plan to support.
  • If you need approval, then let us know and provide a date.
  • Send that directly to Uvinie Hettiaratchy ([[3]]) or [[4]]

Paul Tuten

  • Currently three pilot projects identified in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
  • Additional pilot drafts will come online in next few days.
  • In addition, if you’re interested in participating in one, there’s a link on the wiki. We welcome additional participants.

Arien Malec

  • There are a number of pilot projects in draft stage and we’re excited about that.
  • If we can get good strong geographic diversity would be great.
  • Security and Trust WG: Issue relates to ability to wrap entire information including the headers or just the content. We decided that agent implementations will implement full message wrapping and entire header. If you’re taking on the decision about how to encrypt locally, first of all, you have no technical means of enforcing full message wrapping. You can make local decisions about how to do content encryption and how much you’re encrypting.
  • We also believe you’ll have implementation by proxy base – can use ordinary email client and that will connect through small piece of software that will connect with HISP locally.
  • This was the primary focus of workgroup meeting.
  • We also did some additional work on security threat assessment.
  • The other thing we’re doing is taking most of the decisions and discussions and rolled it into the draft specification for how content encryption should work. The latest draft represents the latest stage.
  • Reference Implementation: We settled on Java platform and .NET platform.
  • We’re doing work on Security agent work first and XDS metadata work as well.
  • We have a source code repository and we’re creating wiki pages for implementation teams

Janet Campbell

  • Prioritized document artifact list
  • Final draft of Rank 1 documents
  • Certification Checklist (Client Side and HISP), Overview of NHIN Direct, Overview of NHIN Direct Security
  • Preliminary draft of Rank 2 documents
  • Abstracts of everything else
  • Rank 1 – we’re approaching final draft for August 17th.
  • High level document is also being created.
  • We’re now working on actually delivering it.

Arien Malec

  • We have a draft specification for use of S/MIME and working documentation.

David Tao

  • Earlier there was a list of documents – what’s expectation for code by August 17th?

Arien Malec

  • Expectation that there will be reference implementation work.

Omar Bouhaddou

  • Public demonstration planned for pilot?

Arien Malec

  • Already been one public demonstration at Redwood MedNet going from PHR to EHR using Mirth, Cerner, Microsoft and Redwood Mednet.
  • The August 17th meeting will be focused on internal review to make sure we have all the pieces and that organizations implementing the specification have plans for all of the key pieces and level of support needed.