Implementation Group Meeting 2011-01-11

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Status of Notes: Final
Date: January 11, 2011
Time: 3:00pm EST

Arien -
Back into full swing of things after vacation mode. We now have a Dave Shevlin and Brett Andriesen to help out. Some method of role call via wiki will be introduced in the near future. Participation in these calls is important.

A few high-level states of the project and other initiatives:

S&I Framework - Participation will be at initiative level, not framework level.
Two high-level initiatives:
o Lab Interface Improvement
· we don't have wide-scale adoption of standards, lab reporting specifications
o Transitions of Care
· a number of people have noted that there are gaps in current specifications and goals of meaningful use. C83 may be a more appropriate set of guidelines than C32. Industry is interested in guidance of how to capture meaningful use data

Third initiative is the CDA consolidation project. People who know C32, C83, C154 know that they point to an additional set of specifications. The aim is to consolidate the specifications into a commonized set of implementation specifications. This solve the peel-the-onion problem. It's a project aimed at harmonizing the multiple levels of templating.

There is a wiki and a process for submitting statements of commitment for each initiative. 3 week call for participation. I urge people involved in Direct to participate in the 2 high level initiatives and those with technical background should participate in the Consolidation project.

David Tao -
Appreciate the open invite. There were 12 initiatives. What happened to others? What else is on the horizon?

Arien -
We have a set of contracted people who are supporting the S&I Framework. We recognize that those people only go so far and that, as we've seen from Direct and HITSP, that there is an enormous amount of talent in the community from volunteers. Our approach is when in doubt, do less but do it more deeply. We felt based on public feedback that these had the most leverage and the greatest impact on national priorities. We will launch other initiatives on a priority basis based on resource levels available. It was important to start with 2 or 3 so we could see where people get pinned down and where our additional resources should go. Other priorities are still priorities.

David -
We were spread to thin. What should we expect come February?

Arien -
In February there may be 1 or 2 more initiatives. Only 4 could possibly be run in parallel.

Across implementation groups there are calls for consensus. XDR/XDM documentation is up. I encourages comments. Closing consensus voting tomorrow. It's likely that we'll need to revise it and bring it back for consensus again. I would like to do 1 round of revisions instead of 2. Substantive feedback now will help to hit that goal. Voting on this is a key activity of Implementation Group. Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport is also up for consensus. There are a number of statements on Best Practices WG page: Certificate Pilot Recommendation, Best Practices for HISPs document. Call for consensus material needs to be updated. Those four documents will benefit from broad scale comments. Will blog and send out to mailing list on those.

Best Practices
Third Best Practices workstream is Best Practices for Certification Authorities. There is draft material that Brett Petersen put together and a meeting this week to go over where that work will go. Will go back to BP WG in a week or so.

Whole set of communication worthy things that are happening. 2 key items are publication of Core Specifications and first production use. Those are going to be good items. We also have HIMSS coming up as well as HITSC review of Direct specifications and output from early implementation testing in March. There is a steady drumbeat of interesting items that are news worthy. In addition, e-mail was sent out yesterday for process of HIMSS/FHA area. Bad news is that deadline for getting registered is this Friday. Good news is that anyone who already put their name in the intent to demonstrate is in the queue already. Expect to receive info soon about final stages of the process.

Didi Davis -
Two websites for recommendations on HIMSS. Info there for exhibitors, etc. In the middle of the page "Interoperability showcase: learn more" has details of logistics. There is a section called HIMSS '11. Landing page has logistics for connected demonstration. Direct will be housed under ONC FHA. 39,000 square feet. Conference Hall E Booth # 7343. The HIMSS conference website has interactive diagrams of floor plan. There is a fee for private partners and they will be coordinating to include showcase presentations in the theaters. There will be VIP tours. Two people at ONC are coordinating with Arien.

Arien -
If your name isn't already on that list then you're not likely to be considered for one of the ONC FHA areas. If you REALLY want to demonstrate, speak up now.

What's the definition of "private?"

Ivy Eckerman -
VA, DOD, etc. If you're not a federal government agency, you're private.

Kim -
If we have a kiosk, are these just stand alone demo stations? Should we be showing interoperability with everyone on the intent to demonstrate list?

Arien -
Expect a focused demo. Not required, but interoperability would be nice.

Ivy -
If you're already in the connected demonstration and you're a private partner, there may not be a fee.

Umesh -
Confused about what Kim asked. Will there be a stage with an overview presentation or will it just be the kiosks?

Arien -
As of right now, just kiosks. I would expect theater presentations that will highlight various Direct demonstrations.

Reflecting on last year: The pods next to each other had a common narrative that could be demonstrated if a VIP tour showed up. We should be that organized this year as well.

Umesh -
I agree.

Janet -
Wouldn't that mean they would be at a single station?

Last year there were 40 pods in FHA booth and 8 narratives

Arien -
You can do a single kiosk with a self-contained story or a demo that goes across multiple kiosks. It would be more impactful to have the latter, but it's not a requirement.

Kiosks come with power & internet connectivity, not hardware (monitors, etc.). Monitors need to be 20-21".

Parag Moore -
Is there overlap for Direct demos?

Arien -
There will be Direct demonstrations across areas. Intend to highlight everyone who is doing a Direct pilot or demonstration.

? -
If we have a multi-kiosk demo, it could get convoluted and hard to follow.
If several people jump on FHA area, several in live area, several in new directions…

Ivy -
I need to touch base with John Donnelly. He is working with Sandy Bans from HIMSS. Will call him after this call for further clarification. Will get something out in writing by tomorrow morning.

Parag -
When are we expected to submit scripts, scenarios, etc?

Ivy -
They will take all committed participants to formalize the requirements and deliverables. I will try to get idea of when that communication will be. Ivy was coordinating a high-level documentation of overview. Key person on wiki for intent to demonstrate will be required to fan out info to other participants in group. has a google group to sign up for all communications. Might be info overload. Try to figure out someone to put that info up on Direct wiki. Info will go on Intent to Demonstrate page.

Where is that page?

Arien -
Linked off of the communication WG page.

Documentation & Testing
Janet -
Advisory Board did a nice job writing on the Direct project. They condensed the whitepaper to three pages and it's going out to people who need it.

Reminder that XDM/XDR specs don't have many votes or comments yet. It would be nicer to revise once instead of twice.

Arien -
Your obligation as Implementation Group member is to vote. If you don't you're not meeting your obligations.

Janet -
Simple Health Transport document should soon be coming out for consensus. Other documents in progress are the Testing document. Next step is to let it go through the RI group to see what they need to add. Also working on a document that seeks to define what it means to be Direct project compliant. That is in progress -- coming soon.

Arien -
The combination of what it means to be Direct compliant plus the two specs will make make a nice package for people who are trying to wrestle with the Direct compliance question. HITSC meeting is tomorrow. Assuming the normal number of consensus rounds we can target a month from now for the release of specifications. HITSC has committed to reevaluate Direct in March based on finalized specifications and feedback.

Implementation Geographies
Focused on operational status for each of the pilots. One is all hooked up and waiting for first production transaction to go through. Several others end of this month or next for go live. Healthy set of geographies by end of January.

Reference Implementation
Beau -
Virtual connect-a-thon on Friday. Very successful. 5 HISPs throughout the day including .NET, Java, and variations. More focus on outlier and negative test-case scenarios. Looked at expired certificates, certificate chaining, intermediate certificates, missing certificate nodes, etc. Output was several bug fixes on .NET and Java side. Focus on MDNs and fixed some bugs there. Demo of Java DNS server. Very light testing with XD integration, mostly converting to XD and zip packages. This week the focus is on bug fixes. .Net side working on addressing tables, settings, etc. Java side pushed 2nd release yesterday.

Umesh -
It was very successful. Another connect-a-thon should be held soon.

Beau -
Will send out info to group once a date is confirmed.

Arien -
Pleased to see the matrix looking completed.

Greg -
M2 went into release yesterday. Available on Google Code repository.

Security & Trust
Umesh -
Good, quick meeting last week. Two areas of focus: Certificate Pilot Recommendations document for consensus by the 12th. Threat Model of XD* - waiting for deployment recommendations work to be done and then can try to take it through for consensus.

Arien -
That is a hard requirement

Umesh -
Still waiting on deployment scenarios. Meeting again this week to see where we are.

Arien -
Open up for questions

Karen -
S&I Framework Initiatives. Will Direct become part of that?

Arien -
There is a process defined for S&I Framework that was primarily an edit of the W3C process. It is the intent from a process perspective for Direct to fall under the S&I Framework. Encourages all to read over that process. Direct is in flight while the other initiatives are in launch mode. Some work is required to match them up.

Karen -
It would be a separate initiative?

Arien -
Yes. Access to material and resources probably won't be harmonized in the short-term. In terms of overall process, yes. In terms of wiki, no need to migrate. Again, look over the process for S&I Framework, review it and see if you have any concerns related to Direct, etc.

A lot is going on. Thank you for all of the excellent work. Hopefully this time next week we'll have our first production transaction.