Individual Invovlement Meeting 04-29-10

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Individual Involvement Work Group
April 29, 2010

· Linkages from other work groups Arien

· Actions Rich
o Finalize Patient Sends Message to a Provider User Story
§ Agree on this Patient Sends Message to Provider story and then ask the S&T group to work on this on our behalf
§ Review HITPC Meeting on Patient/Consumer Engagement: April 20 testimony
§ Reconsider: Should or Must.

· Decisions - Recap
o Proposed Guidance to Packaging Work Group
§ Given the workflow conditions, there may be a cover letter. There should also be the ability to annotate specific files.
o Proposed Guidance to the Security & Trust Work Group
§ Asymmetric trust problem
o Confirmed Individual Involvement User Stories
§ Provider sends patient health information to the patient
§ Hospital sends patient health information to the patient
§ Provider sends a clinical summary of an office visit to the patient
§ Hospital sends a clinical summary at discharge to the patient
§ Provider sends a reminder for preventive or follow-up care to the patient
o Individual involvement scope
§ 2011 Stage 1 MU - Must
· Provider sends a reminder, health information, clinical summary or discharge summary to an Individual
§ 2013 Stage 2 MU - Should
· Individual sends message to a provider
o Meeting individuals “where they are” – assumptions
      • Each Individual may have multiple addresses (e.g., for multiple PHR’s, multiple e-mails). Each address has its own separate transmission.
      • Outside of NHIN Direct:
        • Provider verifies identity and consent before linking to an Individual’s address
        • Provider makes the decision that it’s appropriate to provide information to this address
        • Provider verifies that PHI is sent only to addresses with adequate authentication/security/logging
        • These target addresses may optionally provide notification services to the Individual of the update via public email – “where they are”
· Discussion All
· Recap and next steps Rich