Reference Implementation Meeting 2011-01-18

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Jan. 18, 2011 - RI Workgroup Call
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
12:00 PM
Attendees: Umesh, Greg, Will, Andy

Umesh -
Beau isn't able to make it today.

New attendance policy. Form on wiki page.

Greg -
Not a lot going on on the Java side since M2 release. Everything in a release mode with the exception of XD. Beau has been OOO for training. XD is still status quo. Overall RI’s, there are some enhancements specifically around instrumentation & monitoring. Looking specifically at DNS. Working with .NET side to coordinate. Future items in gateway, etc. Other enhancements are: auditing (functional gap now, plugable auditing framework, will use Java mechanisms/ management extensions, default implementation will use logging framework), other pieces of instrumentation.

Umesh -
.NET side: Some code checked in, bug fixes, added support for generic property bags. You can now associate arbitrary state… You can access directly through data access layer or … It's in command line admin tool, haven't upgraded UI yet. Chris and hopefully John will work with Greg to standardize metrics and mechanisms.

Greg -
Not sure if Beau has gotten a chance to get in touch with .NET XD guys

CNAME support included in both sides.

Sync up .NET on Friday to get a fresh build out. Other than XD it's close to, if not, feature complete. Will check in some monitoring helpers.

Greg -
Any more talk of another virtual connect-a-thon?

Umesh -
Let's do one in the next few weeks to test some of the crazy certificate scenarios.

Greg -
Tentative date of Feb. 4. Have to check in with the rest of the group.

Will -
For Redwood we're going to be implementing in the next few weeks. We’re doing work on the provider directory.

[End of meeting]