A Provider EHR orders a test

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State: Draft


Perspective: A provider with an EHR orders a test (e.g., laboratory, imaging, etc.) that will be fulfilled by an external service.

Context: The provider has previously established a business agreement with the external service(s)

Story: The provider EHR creates a test order as an electronic message and transmits the order to the external service(s). Asynchronously (and in a separate User Story) the test result is returned to the provider EHR by the service(s). Each incoming result will be matched with the previously sent outbound test order.



The Provider EHR and the external service(s)
The Provider EHR
The external testing service(s)
  1. There are potential hidden actors, such as an HISP as an intermediary (or multiple HISPs) between the provider and the service(s)
  2. There may be content format gaps and data transformation requirements between the outbound test order message format the EHR can produce and the test order format requirements of the external service(s). For example, the external service(s) may require an order to contain a customer number, or other specific data elements.
  3. A confirmation of receipt of the test order may be required by the Provider EHR
  4. There is an implied trigger that may occur if a test order originated by a Provider EHR does not match a corresponding incoming result message within "x" hours

Data Exchanged

  1. The typical case will involve a test order message originated by the Provider EHR
  2. The Provider EHR may require an ACK
  3. The Provider EHR may anticipate returning test result messages

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