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Purpose: To define an implementation neutral mechanism for addressing that enables provider/individual identification and enabling organization routing

Our Goals: The goal of the Addressing Workgroup is to:
  • Enable use of standard DNS to facilitate routing
  • Examine the questions:
  • How can we bridge use of SMTP, REST, and IHE SOAP?
  • How can we enable “local number portability” such that a provider can switch enabling organizations at the same place of practice without switching address?
  • What is the role of directories and other mechanisms to work with standard addressing?
  • Is something like ENUM too crazy to consider? ([1])

What We've Created: [Recommendations and output will be added here, please stay tuned]

Our Schedule:

  • March 26, 2010: Workgroup Kickoff Meeting [weekly meeting schedule to follow]
  • April: Define first draft of Specifications and Service Descriptions
  • May 1st: Close User Stories under consideration, publish first draft of Specifications and Service Descriptions, and begin Phase II (implementation)
  • May-October: Implement and refine Specifications and Service Descriptions
  • November 1st: Begin Phase III of NHIN Direct Project (expansion)

What We're Still Working On:

Who We Are:
Workgroup Lead: David Kibbe

Richard Elmore
Shantanu Paul
Lin Wan
Sara Robinson
David Kibbe, MD
Clinical Groupware Collaborative
Martin Pellinat
Clinical Groupware Collaborative
Laurance Stuntz
Vinod Muralidhar
Wes Rishel
John Moehrke
Joel Ryba
Healthcare Information Xchange of NY
Noam H. Arzt
HLN Consulting
Karen Witting
Ashish Shah
Eric Heflin
Mark Stine
MedPlus, Inc./Quest Diagnostics
Jeff Fisher
Mobile MD
Tim Denis
Mobile MD
Dan Russler, M.D.
Oracle Health Sciences Global Strategies
Martin Prahl
Social Security Administration
Shanks Kande
Social Security Administration
Thomas Davidson
Social Security Administration
Chris Lomonico
Clyde Miller
Brett Peterson

What We Talk About During Meetings:
Notes Addressing WG 032610.doc
Addressing Meeting 2010-03-31
Addressing WG Notes 04072010
//Addressing Workgroup Notes 04162010//
Addressing Meeting 2010-04-21
Addressing Meeting 2010-05-12
Addressing Meeting 2010-05-19
Addressing Meeting 2010-06-02
Addressing Meeting 2010-06-23

What We’re Part Of:
Implementation Group