April 12 agenda and session materials

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Session Slides

Session Notes

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Walnut Foyer

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Walnut Foyer

8:30 AM
Session 1: Welcome & Introduction

Claudia Williams, Director, State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program, ONC
Walnut Ballroom

9:00 AM

Session 2: Approaches to Implementation
A discussion of how states can leverage directed exchange to address health challenges

Moderator: Arien Malec, Coordinator, Direct Project, ONC

Panelists:* Gary Christensen, CIO/COO, Rhode Island Quality Institute* *

  • Christopher M. Henkenius, Program Director, NeHII, Inc.
  • Carol Robinson, Oregon State Coordinator for HIT, Oregon Health Authority
Walnut Ballroom

Session Notes
10:30 AM
Walnut Foyer

10:45 AM

Session 3: Anatomy of Direct
A review and discussion of the functionality needed to enable Direct and how vendors are providing it

Moderator: John Hall, Principal, Krysora

Panelists:* David C. Kibbe, MD MBA, Senior Advisor, American Academy of Family Physicians; Chair, ASTM International E31Technical Committee on Healthcare Informatics; Principal, The Kibbe Group LLC

  • Cris Ross, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Interoperability, Surescripts
  • Mark Bamberg, VP Research & Development, MEDfx
Walnut Ballroom

Session Notes
12:30 PM
Find the topic you’re interested in discussing and join colleagues and experts
Screening Room


Session 4: User Interfaces and Deployment Models
A review and discussion of the benefits and challenges associated with different deployment models

Moderator: Jitin Asnaani, S&I Initiatives Coordinator, Office of Interoperability and Standards, ONC

Panelists:* Greg Chittim, Rhode Island Quality Institute Consultant; Director of Provider Services, Arcadia Solutions

  • Vincent P. Lewis, Principal Architect, MedAllies, Inc.
  • Holly Miller, MD, MBA, FHIMSS, Chief Medical Officer, MedAllies Inc.
  • Kim Long, Program Manager, MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics Company
Walnut Ballroom

Session Notes
2:45 PM
Walnut Foyer

3:00 PM

Session 5: Provider Directories
A discussion of provider directory strategies in the Direct context, including how provider directories are supporting exchange in Direct pilots, how providers access them, how information is managed and kept current

Moderator: Kory Mertz, Project Officer, State HIE Program, ONC

Panelists:* Kim R. Pemble, MS, CPHIMS, Executive Director, WI Health Information Exchange (WHIE)

  • Linda Syth, COO, Wisconsin Medical Society
  • Vincent P. Lewis, Principal Architect, MedAllies
  • Russel Weiser, Senior Consultant, Product Mgmt./Dev. Identity/Access Management, Verizon Business Inc.
  • Mike Weber, Manager – Product Management/Development, Verizon Business Inc.
Walnut Ballroom

Session Notes
4:15 PM
Session 6: Privacy and Security in the Direct Context
A review and discussion of privacy and security as approached by the Direct Project, including consent and encryption

Presenter: David McCallie Jr., MD, VP Medical Informatics, Cerner Corporation
Walnut Ballroom

Session Notes
5:30 PM
Welcome Reception
Please find 2 drink tickets with your name badge. These tickets are good for 2 non-alcoholic beverages.
Green Room