Best Practices Meeting 2011-03-17

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  • Patient/Consumer Oriented Best Practice Document: Arien has not yet had time to draft. Will work on to have for next week's call.
  • Comments/revisions by David McCallie to Best Practices for Content/Workflow document: not yet had a chance to post to wiki. Will do so ASAP to have for next week's call - nothing major.
  • Proposal to cut meeting short unless any other items folks have for discussions - use the time to do the work.
    • David Kibbe - question about Boot Camp for Direct for State HIEs. How is it going? Will we hold bootcamps for other groups if successful?
      • Arien: Planning is going very well. Narrowly targeted for states with ONC-approved State HIE plans that incorporated Direct.
      • The overall concept of a boot camp is successful, though it's more difficult in areas where isn't existing funding. In this case, boot camp dollars are coming from State HIE program budget. Think we should figure out a strategy to do similar kind of thing, but need to understand funding/business model for it first.
        • David Kibbe: Will materials developed that could be publicized as Best Practices?
          • Arien: Fairly state specific, but possibly could use for others. Brian Ahier is leading bootcamp effort. Will make sure he gets relevant documents back on the wiki.
      • On a side note, some interest in allowing consulting organizations a space on wiki to self-attest that they have services in this area. Agreed area that's needed.
  • Ending call early this week to work on items above.