Communications Meeting 2011-01-18

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Date: January 18, 2011
Time: 1:00 EST

  • Status Updates on Messaging Events
    • Specifications announcement - 4th week in January
    • Implementations pilots announcement - Februrary 7th
    • HIMSS demonstrations announcement - February 20th
  • Messages for key stakeholders - Michelle Darnell

Actions & Decisions from last meeting

Actions & Decisions
Due Date

Workgroup ratified communications plan


Need to assign responsibilities for messaging
Communications Workgroup

HIMSS demos plans
Didi Davis

Update Messages for key stakeholders based on workgroup feedback
Michelle Darnell


  • Status Updates on Messaging Events
    • Specifications announcement - 4th week in January
      • Janet to continue work on this. May need to be pushed back until HIMSS for announcing.
    • Implementations pilots announcement - Februrary 7th
      • Brett to follow up with Arien to see if someone from Implementation Pilots WG to get name of person to work on pilot messaging.
      • Noam to discuss with Rich offline regarding pilots messaging on how they'll be used.
    • HIMSS demonstrations announcement - February 20th
      • HIMSS intent to demonstrate now on Communications homepage news. Try to tie in with both ONC messaging as well as HIMSS, HIT News, pre-show announcemnets, etc. In addition to other HIT periodicals identified that would be interested in communicating information. Rich to follow up with Didi
      • Ivy to forward HIMSS showcase layout to group when it becomes available.
      • All demonstrations (except 1) for Direct were able to finish contracting by Friday. Very strong showing within ONC area. Ivy to send PDF this week to gain additional high-level detail on planned demonstrations to get into HIMSS and ONC guides.
      • Demonstrations will be in the IHE showcase - in ONC designated area
      • Might be good to coordinate with MedTech publishing (group behind a number of industry publications) to coordinate with own communications areas. Brian to do one write-up summarizing all of the demonstrations. Good to include pictures/video clips.
      • Brian to work with Didi on HIMSS messaging and announcements coordination. Brian to send list of any additional publications to Rich.
      • Two demonstrations on Intent to Demonstrate page that will not be happening. Ivy to send out list of who is contracted by deadline to the group to ensure accurate listing.
    • Blumenthal blog posts - no special format, just written as if from Blumenthal. Forwarded to Communications staff to approve and ensure tone is correct. May or may not post a blog on Direct, but draft based on previous blog posts for tone.
  • Messages for Key Stakeholders - Michelle
    • Word document - comments on messaging slides - combination of comments from all presentations and WG meeting discussions on suggested changes.
    • Taken original presentations and modified to address general comments, and most detailed comments. Those that have not been addressed are highlighed in yellow in the word document.
    • Any additional comments are welcomed and appreciated.
      • On vendor slides, perhaps differentiate between different types of vendors. Simple slide for each slide has been developed for each to get specifics applicable within each vendor audience.
      • States/HIEs/HIOs/RHIOs/SDEs consolidated into a single deck.
      • Provider + Messaging to be removed. Same as IDN + Physician set.
      • Agreed previously that we would have three sets (vendors/state &HIEs/physician IDNs).
      • On general sides w/strenghts/opportunities. Have trouble making out words from background as color transition changes. In addition to some formatting peculiarities (ex - state set, last side. Space between words and periods.)
      • Need some additional detail for States on what they need to implement for direct.
      • On IDN - strength: practice meet MU requirements - "practice" may not be best word. Perhaps helps" you"
      • Does average person know what "content agnostic" means? Doesn't matter what you send. Point is around benefit of vendor/OS neutral. "Supports any clinical content" might be better wording.
      • Sense is that noise level and fear seem to have decreased , wouldn't need to address threats. Does group still need to address these threats (address context and clarity for those who were skeptical of NHIN/Direct project)?
        • Michelle - threats not necessary. Originally discussed at very early stages, though probably safe to remove now that this has greatly been diminished. Language around meaningful use is a bit soft in all of the sets.
      • Michelle making changes that Noam suggested. Worth having group look at them quickly for workgroup consensus.
      • Noam to provide additional insight on State. One more round for next week. Put up for group consensus next week.