Communications Meeting 2011-02-01

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  • Implementations announcement and briefing – Rich
  • Reference Implementation and Compliance announcement – Janet Campbell
  • HIMSS announcement and demos – Didi Davis
  • February 15 announcement – David Kibbe
  • Messaging to Key Stakeholders

  • Follow-up on other actions from last meeting


  • Implementations announcement and briefing – Rich
    • Key theme of the State of the Union Address was innovations. The White House has been orchestrating communications around the theme of innovations, and the Direct Project fits neatly within.
    • Over the past several days, work has been done to arrange a briefing to coincide with the announcement around the implementation pilots go-live. Event scheduled for 12pm - 1pm ET on Wednesday 2/2 at HHS with the following hour for press availability. Will have dial-in for audio only and a video recorded for playback at a later date. Speakers will include: David Blumenthal, Farzad Mostashari, Aneesh Chopra, Doug Fridsma, Todd Park, Vision Share's Mark Briggs (first in nation to use Direct live), EHR representatives: Allscripts, Microsoft, as well as a physician in Rhode Island for the second in nation for live use. Announcement released to HIT media and bloggers and embargoed until 12pm on 2/2.
    • Damon: Run of show: Farzad to act as event MC talking through finer points as to what it means to larger community. Aneesh going into open government initiatives as part of larger mission of President's initiatives, and the quick turn around in getting solution to production. Mark Briggs following Aneesh to present from VisionShare perspective. Glenn Tolman from Allscripts. Shawn Nolan from Microsoft, Al Puerini - President of Polaris Medical Managment in RI. Concludes with Todd Park, CTO for HHS. Scheduled for 40 minutes, then press availability for any press in room. Intend to have open conference call line for press over the phone. All have made available for additional press time from 1pm - 2pm for anyone wishing for further interviews.
      • Regarding making content from announcement available on webpage, wait until as close to noon as possible, per Damon
      • Quotes from ONC staff for releases by other organizations? Send document with proposed quote to Damon at ONC and they'll look over it.
      • Looking into additional space on call-in line to allow for all to participate. Look out for announcement on day of event to indicate participation is available.
  • Specifications and Compliance Announcements - Janet
    • Still waiting on consensus from Implementation Group.
    • Compliance getting a little closer to agreement, but it’s a contentious issue, so taking a bit longer than expected. In the process of writing up a piece that discusses it, but want to accurately represent what's included.
    • Sense for timing is that will be announced post-HIMSS looking at previous consensus processes
  • HIMSS announcement and demos – Didi Davis
    • Didi and Ivy working directly with the implementation geographies. Checking with Arien, and working together with pilots to document each of their activities to put into consolidated documentation.
    • Looking at doing tours of the FHA/Direct area. Might be good if possible to do 2 sets of tours. Still in progress. Looking for more input from Arien.Looking at recruitment for docents - tour leaders. Want to make sure docents in ONC area have generic ONC overview and expertise in area.
    • Need targeted, generic messages to convey purpose of Direct, what it is/what it's not. If time allowed, Ivy putting out generic marketing toolkit (similar to what is available for interoperability showcase) for any participants, may have quotes. Would be a format template for press releases for use by organizationss for coniseie complementary messaging.
    • Ivy is reaching out to HIMSS to see if Direct can be in HIMSS daily. Would like to have multiple stories in HIMSS daily regarding the ONC area and Direct. In addition, doing media outreach. Will repurpose information to reach out to press trying to drum up interest in direct project. Would be helpful to have name/contact info for person from organizations to be primary press contact. Get clearance in advance with PR groups if necessary to not have last minute to take call from press. In subject line Direct Project media contact from (org name).
    • Need to have a similar press release announcement to frame demos at HIMSS to submit to various media outlets for early week publication that discuses direct what it is, where can find at show. Making any progress on announcement?
      • Ivy's HIMSS daily that announcment/ template for orgs/vendors to use and point back to show what's available. Electronically republished as well. Especially around Direct. Likely copy this group to ensure everyone's in the loop. But each Imp Geog needs to be made aware too for overview document with user stories, etc.
      • Media plan around this:. Perhaps Zhan can help Ivy. Not much of a media plan beyond a press release template for orgs talking about participation. Media pitch/byline for HIMSS w/ direct project., one pager.
        • Rich: This should be good, as long as use same plan to get the word and full package out once complete and approvals necessary.
        • Ivy: should have final descriptions done today. Goal is to have pitch done by tomorrow. Someone on standby to reach out regarding: different topics with goal of different topics for media outreach. Want to have more central approach to coordinate from ONC for more effective outreach. Rather than each group individually reaching out.
    • Tour Docents - ideally would have at least 2 volunteers form Direct community to serve as docents within Direct community area to ensure they're familiar with project to answer questions correctly and describe what it stands for. Accepting volunteers. Have a few exhibitor badges available so they're badge fees are covered.. Would launch tours from interop showcase stage. Guiding 10 -15 visitors at a time to different areas - 8 tour groups within onc area, 2 dedicated to direct ( 3- 4 kiosks) give overview of Direct, purpose. Docents leading them to kiosks letting them demo themselves.
      • Docents will provide a quick overview, but not stray too far from demo descriptions in document. Volunteers over 4 days. Have to be there on the floor during all show opening hours. Launch tours every 15 mins from area. 2 direct on the hook to lead tour every 2 hours, lasting about 15 minutes. Didi to recruit volunteers on Implementation Group call this afternoon to open to anyone on the group. If more than 2, someone not solely dedicated to that. Perhaps someone manning a kiosk, cycle out. Max 4-5.
  • February 15 announcement – David Kibbe
    • AAFP partnering offering RX service. AAFP Physicians direct commercialization of Direct protocols network for direct compliant thought not limiting to direct protocols/specs. In Oct, Surescripts announced expansions of network for eRx. AAFP and Suresscripts working hard to create service to be used by family docs and colleagues to replace fax where referrals occur to specialists in same community. Event on 2/15 at Fairmont hotel at noon in DC. Press event to formally announce this program. Details about service to make available this month. Hope it will help make the Direct project more widely known throughout the AAFP membership base.