Communications Meeting 2011-02-08

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  • Recap of Implementations announcement - All
  • HIMSS demo announcement – Didi
  • Ecosystem announcement – Rich
  • Messages for key stakeholders – Michelle
  • Specification and compliance announcement – Janet


  • Recap of Implementations announcement - All
    • Thanks to all on call for group effort for last week's accomplishments. Work of ONC team, Ivy, Damon, Zhan was outstanding in terms of getting mainstream media exposure. Individual contributions of all on Communications WG helped expand coverage. Coordination with private press releases for amplification of message worked well. Thanks to everyone. Update from Janet Campbell - interesting stats on webpage: on day of announcements 915 visits with about 4000 page views. Compared to about 100 visits the day prior. 415 people downloaded overview document. Top referrals came from: HHS, VisionShare, iHealthBeat, GovHealthIT. Almost all searching for Direct used "Direct Project" not "NHIN Direct".
    • David Kibbe: What was the feel of the event?
      • Held in studio auditorium of HHS. Blumenthal, Farzad, Aneesh, et al. Videotaped - will be up at end of the week. Hosted by Farzad. Very lively, upbeat feeling. A few industry speakers (Mark Briggs from VisionShare, Glenn from Allscripts, Sean Nolan from Microsoft, Al Piurini from Rhode Island). Todd Park, CTO of HHS wrapped up. Good vehicle to get out important message. Very positive tone in terms of standards, MU, etc.
      • Arien: favorite moment was Piurini at end telling the story about being an IPA of small independent practices that decided needed to build own EHR to provide best quality for patients. Described experience of implementing Direct specs as very simple for fairly small practice to do/implement. Talked about power of transmitting the data to GI doctor and transformation in care he sees in transport. Thought all speakers were excellent. Pleased to see some of the announcements that came out from key industry participants.
      • Rich: Brian did great job live tweeting the event.
      • Brian: twitter was a buzz. Video will get a lot of people interested in watching.
      • Rich: A lot of nice comments about Arien's leadership, and specifically about how the process for Direct was the right way to do this. Was the way we should be working together in industry w/ government. The model for how this should be done in the future. Huge testament to Arien in sticking to principles at critical times in this project.
      • Arien: It's about the community - successful only because of the community.
      • Brian: Biggest responses and largest long lasting effect Direct will have outside of health messaging is this template that's now been created to the highest levels of the administration as a way to spur innovation, collaborative model. Not only has real world implementations for standards, services, protocols, but collaborative public/private partnership model will have wide ranging impacts in healthcare and throughout government. Even heard folks from military and Homeland Security talking about the open and collaborative apprroach. This will have far reaching generational impact. Kudos to leadership for pulling this together and everyone in all workgroups because it's been a huge success. Beyond what was imagined a year ago.
  • HIMSS demo announcement – Ivy
    • A few things in development: Media pitch going out later today to interest media outlets. Have media contacts from a few orgs. Anyone else who would like to be on list of cleared speakers list (need authority to speak on behalf of org). Pitch will go out today. In addition, working with Arien to create collateral - provided to press in kits from ONC and in print stands in interoperability showcase area - to provide more information about each demonstration. Have final text, which is getting laid out now. Need to also start thinking about what to tweet from ONC interoperability showcase during the event. Let Ivy know things organizations plan to announce at HIMSS to coordinate with Christy Choi at ONC. Also wrapping up blog about exciting things in Interoperability showcase - Direct will be included prominently - will be featured on the Health IT Buzz blog on ONC site.
    • ONC will not be doing a press release about the HIMSS demonstrations, but if other groups plan to do one, let Ivy know so she can help get any necessary approvals and help get in front of media to know what's happening.
    • All set on physical layout, kiosks finalized, demo descriptions set, but demonstration maps taking longer than expected. Should have back shortly. If organizations have not submitted graphical map yet, still possible to get in. Ivy to let Rich know who she doesn't have from. Will follow up.
    • Regarding getting information from demonstrations into article for HIMSS news: Ivy working with Eleanor with HIMSS daily to get it in. They have already preassigned all pre-event reporting, but planning to submit document from last week use in totality so they don't have to do any work. Could run demo descriptions as article itself. Still waiting to hear if approved. Goal is for publication on Monday/Tues for best conference coverage.
    • Last week, possibly talked about getting WG or full implementation group get together during HIMSS. Will hold off on scheduling separate workgroup meetings. One face to face is probably enough for the show.
  • Ecosystem announcement – Rich
    • Decided end of last meeting to create an ecosystem announcement. Talk about ways organizations are commercializing and including Direct as part of solutions brought to market or announcing how they're bringing those solutions to market. Web page has been setup for folks to indicate interest in being part of that communication. Ideally try to get out in advance of HIMSS.
      • Arien to let folks know that page is out there. If they want to be part of announcement, enter basic information so can compile.
      • Two part strategy: feed as much information about commercialization as possible to ONC leadership for talking points, and see what type of article possible during or after HIMSS that emphasizes point of commercial activities happening. Ivy looking into best approach for second part. Will try to support collecting info for first potion
      • Long term significance of the template leading to significant economic activity but also improving quality of healthcare would be important story.
      • Ivy to send feedback to Rich immediately to send to group to navigate - don't wait until next week to discuss.
        • Summaries of commercialization to Ivy for ONC leadership
        • Article around HIMSS on that based on Ivy's guidance on commercialization and benefits coming out of direct.
  • Messages for key stakeholders – Michelle
    • Hold off until next week
  • Specification and compliance announcement – Janet
    • Arien and Rich discussed last week. Proposal: NHIN University planned for 3/21. Arien presenting on Direct. Next week is Standards Committee Meting. Tie in announcement about specifications/compliance with Direct specifications in time to alert people to NHIN university as a lead in for conversation taking place at standards committee the following week around Direct.
  • No meeting week of HIMSS unless face to face IG meeting called at HIMSS.