Communications Meeting 2011-03-15

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  • Two topics up for discussion today:
    • Last meeting asked to do an update to website for a "What's it to me?" statement for patients. Janet has posted - want to review with group, see if any feedback
      • Brian: Like it - short, sweet, to the point. Looks good.
      • Hearing no other feedback - if any other comments, get back to Rich and will make sure we're responsive to any thoughts.
    • Brief Update on Planned Announcement for Monday -
      • Monday will post on ONC blog of completion of the specs document, also mentioning Arien's participation on NeHC NHIN University call. Currently on the 9th version of post, have gotten input from Damon, Claudia, Arien. Zhan about ready to finalize, then send to Doug Fridsma to approval.
        • Zhan: Version 10 going to Doug this afternoon. Sending to Rich to see if any additional input. A few changes were made to make it sound more personal like a blog, and less like a press release.
        • Rich: Any word on releasing on an embargoed basis to get some additional media?Zhan: No word yet - checking with Christie Choi to see where we are with that.
      • Big portion of the post is also about the fact that so many organizations are now signed up that are representative of large segments of the US population - states, vendors, etc. Bodes well that usability is on national scale - need a large network to really see the benefits. This is really the main headline here. Lots of good progress.
      • We can't post to wiki - ONC requires original content.
      • A limited expert review was done to make sure technically correct. Themes we've heard are the things we'll hear under a Doug Fridsma by-line. Some other plans around post include: ONC will also send to listserv - not customary, but about 10k readers - may need to repurpose content, but will hopefully get out with same message in slightly different format.
      • Any additional thoughts regarding this, please get comments to Rich ASAP - getting close to finalizing. Good news for Direct - ONC support will get great attention on a national level.
      • Jenna - talking to Arien around 2pm today to finalize content for Monday event. Will send Rich invite for event, then send around to this group. Encourage all to forward along to their networks.
        • Rich to send NeHC NHIN University invite to Brett to send to Implementation Group for further outreach.