Communications Meeting 2011-04-05

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  • Rich: I personally want to thank everyone on the call for support in getting announcement out to the media and industry - congrats and thanks on a great job. Really helped to get the word out, and to help people understand what the Direct Project is all about.
    • Meryt: Did we pick up any mainstream coverage, or just in trade publications?
    • Ivy: didn't see any mainstream, mostly all in the trade pubs.
    • Rich: Any opportunities missed in terms of opportunities to get out to mainstream?
    • Ivy: probably yes - can't give general pitch about Direct. Need a personalized pitch about an organization and how a practice is impacted by it - that's what'll catch interest of general media. Many assume that this type of communication between docs is possible already (not savvy on the technical complications), so won't be a hard-hitting story. Good to educate that they cant and want it to, part of mission, what's going to be possible. Question is - suggested people as possible spokespersons about Direct personalization. are there any examples of those that could be put together? Rich to circle back around to couple of participants in pilots and get back out.
    • Zhan -ONC is shifting to more of an assertive media relations strategy - reaching out more, being more proactive instead of reactive. This will present more opportunities for Direct to be promoted since it's not a policy - it’s a readily understandable thing. Will probably want to do more coverage about Direct moving forward.
  • Ivy got approval to help more with Direct Project website. Shannon, an ONC graphic designer , likes material already created, but has been playing around with potential designs that looks more traditional, but still fresh. Tried to have more intuitive navigation, high end. Being that it's a community, do we want to look more corporate? Sending proposed design to Janet, Rich, to see.
    • Rich: need to keep fresh, new, something to come back to important.. Since new generation of Direct, probably a good thing. We welcome that kind of assistance. Ivy to send over design - open to feedback to see if it achieves goals. Map on homepage is great, but should be prominent - design uses heavily. Approval for some help with implementing to reduce burden.
    • Rich: Discussion last workgroup meeting was at some point website should become transitioned so its not being run by project. Arien had suggested keeping it up as part of project for next year, then make transition over. In meantime, whatever assistance available is great.
    • Ivy - have ability to maintain, too, if necessary, though don't want to take over if not needed. Ivy to follow up with Janet directly to see where needs are. Assuming she's supportive of changes, then would come back to Communications WG for review, then move forward.
  • Other things that might make sense to try and go after from a communications standpoint?
    • Ivy: one way to get most attention is through a distributed marketing approach. Each organization markets how they're using Direct. We should create some standard language to provide to orgs to include in press releases if they want to as they put theirs out.
      • Rich: With last round of announcement, had a list of PR contacts - was this sent to them?
      • Ivy: I don't have list of current PR contacts - still should go out if hasn't already. Rich to send list to Ivy.
    • Ivy: Also had a conversation w/ woman who manages the interoperability showcase at HIMSS. Another showcase is possible at the June Gov Health IT conference - June 10 - 11 or 13-14 in DC. Could be an activity for Direct Project members. Evaluating getting interoperability showcase at this, but at much smaller scale. Once information is received, will share.
      • Rich: Extent to which we can mimic what was done at HIMSS, chances better to pull it off.
      • Ivy - could be similar or exact same demonstrations. May be opportunity to have a few kiosks next to each other and see scenario.
      • Rich: What worked really well was the presentations with theatre next to kiosks. There had folks on either side with computers and could see movement from physician to specialty, etc. Showed going through paces. Very visual, easy to understand what was happening.
      • Ivy: It will all come down to amount of space, and cost. Might make sense not to do so via ONC directly, but through Direct Project instead - could have company name/logo on signs. Can discuss further as more details become available.
      • Rich: Sounds like it could be a good event to work some additional communications around.
    • Ivy: Also was approached by White House for innovations video about CONNECT (6 mos ago or so). What about if we could do one about Direct? Since we have Chopra on board, probably a good chance. Could be great way to get word out through another channel. Would probably qualify since it's public/private collaborative. Ivy to reach out to see if possibility. Could probably build up some announcements around it at the same time. Only caveat is video is limited to about 3-4 minutes. Can't be too in depth. If groups wanted to create their own videos, can post in relation and link to them even if cant be used on White House site. ONC site likely linking to video , as well as other videos.
      • Meryt: NeHC could point to white house post, as well.
      • Rich: Would give something between April and June for announcement and keeping buzz up.
    • Meryt: One other idea - Kate berry had conversation with Arien - specialized tracks as NHIN U expands - talked about doing multi date webinar series updating on various projects related to NwHIN. Potential to leverage webinars over 3-6 months for project. Case studies or other topics - definitely potential here and it seems like Arien/Kate are on board.
      • Rich: Like the idea - ones so far have gone to project, to pilots, if continue towards same stuff doing for mainstream media, could be a good tie in. Last one had HISPs represented, but not users.
      • Meryt: looking this summer to do media on Health IT. Great to tie together to give some spotlights to specific projects/partners.
      • Rich: General timing w/ currently scheduled courses?
      • Meryt: looks like monthly 300 series (on NwHIN) march - july. Those are free. In process of putting up an ecommerce solution on site that allow to charge for more specialized courses. If all according to schedule, will launch first round of expansion the first week of May. That said, may do quarterly updates for FACAs. First one may launch last week of April. Could be looking at something this quarter, next quarter or both. It's about having available content and fitting into the schedule. It's just about content and speakers available, as program will be expanding pretty extensively.
      • Rich: seems like would fit in well, pulling together folks for interviews. Once that far in, getting willingness to participate in a webinar should be pretty easy. Last call, we identified that there is still confusion about Direct, CONNECT, exchange, etc. Know that some of NeHCs work is to pull together session that pulls together all the threads. Could be opportunity to answer FAQs, or do something to dispel confusions even amongst professional IDN CIOs that don’t understand.
      • Meryt: In process of putting together more complicated classes, 302 on 18th is looking at one size does not fit all. Comparisons of aspects of NwHIN program and other forms of exchange. Going to use CareSpark and VA as both are in exchange, Direct for different use cases. Ask to see how they came to that point to demonstrate differences between different exchange for different purposes. Also reaching out to Surescripts and AAFP to look at private networks and how they're leveraging NwHIN standards. How recommend using Direct to set this up? Or if particular angle to focus on? More engaged in exchange than Direct, feel confident directly to the source for CareSpark/VA would get good info. If particular angles that would play better, let us know?
      • Rich: A number have talked about doing stuff with Direct with own networks. Surescripts and AAFP is great. David Kibbe- good speaker. Been involved with Surescripts announcement. He'd be great to bring into that conversation.
    • Ivy: aside - can we use a Direct boilerplate or reuse text if planning to do publicity?
      • Meryt: Have we reached out as a group to see who'd be more supportive to project as a whole. Have to be careful about how were communicating with them.
      • Rich: Participants in Communications WG have been trying to play for industry more than for org, so can assist where needed.
      • Ivy: Do we have format or something to review? Zhan could take first stab from content that we have. Boilerplate at end of press release, send to group for review, then run past ONC. Then out to PR group and encourage group to use. Perhaps at sometime as schedule of upcoming events.