Concrete Implementation Agenda 2010-04-27

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'1. '(Sean) Review last week’s discussion --- largely:
a. Rough consensus, working code
b. Agreement: we will ultimately recommend a single concrete implementation for the pilot
c. (ROUNDTABLE – issues?)

2. '(Sean) Propose plan and timeline for getting to recommendation
a. Call for champions and participants to self-form groups creating three implementation proposals: SMTP, REST, IHE
b. Groups work to create “minimum threshold” recommendations
c. May 6 (in DC): group reports out status of all three groups, eliminates any not demonstrating critical mass
d. If multiple options remain, two more weeks of development in groups
e. May 18 (teleconference): final recommendation selected
f. (ROUNDTABLE – overall plan)
g. (ROUNDTABLE – call for champions)

3. '
(Brian) Flesh out “Minimum Threshold”
a. Review wiki text
b. (ROUNDTABLE – agreement?)

Actions expected after meeting:

· Report to implementation group later in day, identify champions and call for broader participation
· Publish timeline to wiki
· Edits to “minimum threshold” criteria