Core Terminology

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The following terminology is to be understood for all references in the Direct Project:

Abstract Model

The terms defined in the Direct Project Abstract Model are to be used in the senses defined there.


The terms defined in the following approved by consensus specifications are to be used in the sense defined there:

Addressing Specification

Other Terms


The term EHR is to be used primarily in the sense of ARRA, there defined as "an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that is created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized health care clinicians and staff", as further modified by 45 CFR Part 170.102, in particular including in the definition of an EHR an EHR Module, defined as "any service, component, or combination thereof that can meet the requirements of at least one certification criterion adopted by the Secretary." By that definition, for the purposes of the Direct Project in areas such as the User Stories we focus more on the word "requirements" than on the notion of "certification criterion", intending in the definition of EHR an EHR module that can be used for the purposes defined by meaningful use. This definition would include a component that is used, for example, for the purposes of transmitting information on transitions in care. Note that where this definition conflicts with the definition in ISO/TR 20514, we adopt the ARRA/HITECH and IFR definitions