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This wiki page is a place for Direct Project participants and the community in general to ask questions and request clarifications from the Direct Team. In order to post a question, please just add it by editing this page using the "EDIT" button on the top right hand part of the page. If you do not see an "EDIT" button you probably do not have a wiki account and you need to get yourself a wiki account on this site. While posting a question, try to use the format shown by the sample question.

The questions will be answered by the Direct Team on the wiki page Direct Project FAQ. Once the questions are answered, the questions will be deleted from this page.

The following is a list of documents that provide an overview of the Direct Project and might be beneficial to read before submitting questions.

Sample Question:

  • How can a provider or a hospital benefit from the Direct Project ?

Please Submit Your Question(s) Below:

  • Where can one find basic instructions for opening a connection to a NHIN Gateway?
  • Since we know that SMTP does not guarantee delivery, how will the sender know that the recipient has not received the message?
  • In the SOAP header, are multiple intended recipients allowed in the <direct:to> element? (Seems that thate are many different opinions what the specification says about this).