Implementation Group Meeting 2010-07-13

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Notes from the NHIN Direct Implementation Group

Date: July 13, 2010
Time: 3pm - 4:30pm
: Alere, Allscripts, Argonne National Laboratory, Atlas Development, Axolotl, Center for Democracy & Technology, Cerner, Clinical Groupware Collaborative, eClinicalWorks, Epic, FEI, Google, Greenway Medical Technologies, Healthcare Information Xchange of NY, High Pine Associates, HLN Consulting, Kryptiq, MedAllies, MedNet, MedPATH Networks, MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics, Microsoft, Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS), NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene’s PCIP, Oregon HIE Planning Team, RelayHealth, Secure Exchange Solutions, Siemens, Techsant Technologies, VA, Vangent, VLER, CDC
Actions for this week

Due Date

Send commitment to participate, specifying workgroup and exactly how you will participate (i.e. Coding support, Implementation Geographies Pilot, etc.) to Uvinie Hettiaratchy ([[1]]) or [[2]]

If participating in a geography, fill out project brief template found on Implementation Geographies wiki page

Arien Malec

  • We’re starting to write code, which is very exciting.
  • New date of August 17th – we plan to have a number of key deliverables.
  • Good news is that we are starting to write code in two different workgroups.
  • For August 17th meeting – have an initial implementation, reference implementation guides, pre-planning work for key implementation geographies. We will also have formalized modeling.
  • We went over implementation group requirements last meeting. Would like to re-state that we’d like people to meaningful participate in one of the following activities.
    • Contribute source code or documentation to the reference implementation(s), specifications, implementation guides, etc.
    • Support real-world early implementations with one of:
      • Groups of providers or patients participating
      • EHRs, EHR modules, PHRs, etc. implementing the specification
      • HISPs or HIE technology implementing the spec
      • Training, certification, or support services to providers
  • We did relax the requirements by providing more variety in supporting real world implementation.
  • You can participate in a number of ways, but you do not need to meaningfully participate.
  • That is not merely participating in the workgroup calls.
  • We’re asking each implementation group to announce that.
  • We collected a number of them already – we’re going to send out emails.
  • Implementation Geographies:
  • Goal is to get a high level overview of pilot projects.
  • We have pilot briefs for three projects but have a geographic clustering in Northeast. We’d like to see additional geographic diversity, so if you have technology you can support in other areas, please let us know. Even if you have additional support in these areas, that’s great.
  • Call for participants in other geographies
  • Security and Trust
    • Main work is to go through a threat assessment model. There’s been one for core routing and another for HISPs.
    • The first threat model focuses on the HISP-HISP activities and we will incorporate threat modeling from client to HISP.
    • If interest in looking through threat model, these are linked through security and trust workgroup page.

David Tao

  • Specific due date for everyone to decide on what we’re committing to?

Arien Malec

  • If you can provide a date for a more specific level of commitment, we can accommodate that. If you can provide us with general level of commitment, we can work with you.

Omar Bouhaddou

  • Use cases are for pilots?

Arien Malec

  • Part of overall pilot brief – which use cases you intend to support. One patient facing organization will provide support for patients to designate PHR with NHIN Direct address on nationwide basis. Another will focus primarily on provider to provider use case.

Doug Arnold

  • When making the announcement?

Arien Malec

  • Key people are not on call. I’ll make sure there’s a public announcement as part of the pilot briefs.
  • Reference Implementation Workgroup:
  • The WG made decisions to:
    • Create parallel implementations on a Java platform and .NET platform
    • Prioritize Security Agent specification first
    • Divide into two teams – Agent team and XDS B metadata team and start work
  • The WG took actions to:
    • Review the initial open source policy for the reference implementation work
    • Review and add to initial list of components for reference implementation work
  • Umesh is going through refactoring of .NET
  • Encourage organizations to look at full list of software components.
  • We will revise those components and create project teams around them.
  • Brian has also put together a set of procedures relating to open source policy and license.
  • We’ll also put set of procedures around contribution of code and making sure that code contribution is open.
  • Janet Campbell is lead for Documentation and Testing workgroup.
  • In addition to this charter, we’re taking on work of general overviews by the audience.
  • We’ve created a list of primary audiences and a preliminary document artifact list.
  • I’m anticipating we’re going to get a draft specification from Security Agent team.
  • Reminder about workgroup schedule - please participate in one of the workgroups to see what’s going on.
  • We have a large set of implementation group participants, and like to continue this set of participants.

David Tao

  • As far as documentation goes – if that’s something that NHIN Direct will produce, has the path been cleared with IHE and other groups? If we want to repackage their materials, can we do so?
  • Any restrictions?

Arien Malec

  • With regard to first question, I believe that NHIN Direct will need to own its own destiny while working with IHE so that we’re in harmony with them (so not creating two implementations for the same time)
  • FTD refers to a revision to XDR to move the routing and addressing metadata into the SOAP header based on feedback from policy review and guidance.
  • There’s an IHE meeting today and that has been one of the items of discussion.
  • We’ll get good process around that, but NHIN Direct project has to control our destiny in conjunction with IHE.

John Moehrke

  • Often questions of copyright, how handle this?

Arien Malec

  • Need to make sure that the information is available or that we can incorporate information by post coordination with appropriate holding body.
  • Want to own destiny while being mindful of copyright issues.