Implementation Group Meeting 2010-09-28

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Notes from Implementation Group
Date: September 28, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 3:45pm EST
Akira Technologies, Inc., Allscripts, Axolotl, Clinical Groupware Collaborative, CSC, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE, Harris Corporation, HLN Consulting, LLC, IBM, LabCorp, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. (MIE), Medicity, MedNet, MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics,, Redwood MedNet, Rhode Island Quality Institute, Siemens, South Carolina Health Information Exchange, Techsant Technologies, VA, VisionShare


Action Items for This Week

Due Date
Go to Rebranding (link) to add new suggestions for a new name or to comment on existing name suggestions.
IG members
For those who have not yet stated what they would like to contribute to the implementation geographies efforts, please go to Resource and Collaboration Needs for Pilots to indicate resources available.
IG members with resources for implementation geographies
Join CSharp Team for work on XD* Gateway, contact Sean Nolan.
Developers with CSharp and XD* interest
Assist with future communications efforts; go to Communication Launch.
IG members
Use current Communications documents in presentations; give Communications WG feedback to improve materials.
IG members

Action Items from Last Week (2010-09-14 IG Meeting)

Due Date
Use Google Groups for mailing other WG or IG members, but continue to use the wiki for other forms of communication
IG Members
Include additional information in Implementation Geographies matrices.
Pilot Project Participants
Contribute feedback or additional questions for the Policy Questions for Implementations document.
IG Members
Bring any inconsistencies across documents to the attention of the Documentation and Testing WG.
IG Members


  • Reminders

  • Announcements

  • Workgroup Updates

  • Calendar &Participation

  • Recap



Arien Malec

  • Reviewing timeline, now expecting a Coding and Integration face to face meeting in late October.


Arien Malec

  • Now known as the “Award winning Direct Project.”
  • InformationWeek recognized the Direct Project as a top 15 government innovator.
  • He finds this a bit ironic, because the Direct Project has been a collaborative effort, and most individuals offering key input are not part of the government.
  • This award is a testament to the good work of the IG and everyone involved in the project.
  • Renaming “NHIN Direct”
  • As some have heard, project is looking for a new name.
  • Was already changed from “NHIN Direct Project” to the “Direct Project.”
  • If we can find a better, more compelling name, it will change again.
  • Go to (link) to add new suggestions, comments on existing name suggestions.
  • Lots of creativity has gone into it renaming the project already.
  • Please check URLs and reserve any URLs that you feel might be the winning choice.
  • Fears domain squatting, that someone might hope for ONC to shell out a ton of money to buy back a domain name.
  • Communications WG to sort through and figure out a name based on suggestions to Rebranding page.

Rich Elmore

  • Asked for an update on rebranding of the general NHIN community.

Arien Malec

  • Did not know any specifics about NHIN renaming.
  • As long as they don’t use the acronym “NHIN”, they can use “Nationwide Health Information Network.”

Workgroup Updates

Implementation Geographies WG

Paul Tuten

  • A discussion of pilot projects is tracked in meeting notes and on the individual pilot pages.
  • Completed a list of open questions for the Best Practices WG to address, which includes questions that have come up in discussion from individual pilots or across multiple pilots.
  • During meeting, talked extensively about the timeline for rolling out pilot projects.
  • Would seem as though most pilot projects are aiming for an initial rollout in the November timeframe, while some would be in early first quarter of next year.
  • Will attempt to have all pilot projects up and operational by Q1 of 2011.
  • For those who have not yet stated what they would like to contribute to the implementation geographies efforts, please go to Resource and Collaboration Needs for Pilot Projects to indicate resources you can make available.

Arien Malec

  • Heard from a number of implementation geographies that they have a similar deployment plan and are ready for extensive testing in November, and for a December go-live.
  • It would be helpful to stress their dependencies on the reference implementation, so that the Reference Implementation WG has a clear set of marching orders.
  • Can make concrete demands: by X date we need Y, so our expectations are ABC.

Security and Trust WG

Sean Nolan

  • Currently on hiatus, but this may change if collaboration needs from other WGs continue to stack up.

(3) Reference Implementation WG

Brian Behlendorf

  • Asked CSharp and Java team leads to give updates.

Sean Nolan

  • CSharp Team suffered from lack of Umesh Madan, who is on a well-deserved vacation.
  • Recently worked on chain building and the last piece of certificate work is in place.
  • Some work left to do on configuration.
  • Feels they are in good shape from SMTP perspective.
  • Work remains on XD*
  • Missing people who can really engage.
  • Asked for anyone with resources /interest in the gateway.
  • Will take a first cut today.

Arien Malec

  • Encouraged individuals with skills in XD* area to get involved.
  • Asked that organizations planning on deploying please contribute to the code.

Beau Grantham

  • On the Java side, had at least one person from the Connect Code-a-thon commit code to the baseline, and will provide code in the future.
  • Recently brought to light some documentation needs.
  • Progress on MDN.
  • Progress on XDD side, breaking up logic from bridge to gateway.
  • WG members are following behind developers to make sure everything is documented and tested to the fullest extent.
  • This week will look at LDAP version, configuration.
  • Still work left with installing, gathering pieces together.
  • Looking toward HISP in a box, installing the gateway in the agent.
  • One of the developers from the Code-a-thon is taking that on.

Arien Malec

  • If people want to get working on the box, there are good instructions on how to do that.

Beau Grantham

Brian Behlendorf

  • Moving forward to have the reference implementation ready for implementation geographies.
  • Plans to be feature complete in the next two weeks.
  • By the end of October the implementation geographies will be able to start working with the code.
  • Planning to get together at the end of October for an Install-a-thon/Code-a-thon.
  • When there were recent questions about how EHR systems will connect to HISPs, the REST implementation spec for edge systems was resurrected.
  • Chris Moyer did a lot of the work with REST, taking ownership in updating that edge spec.
  • Hopes to get some additional input from participants and then have a common approach for edge systems that want to use REST.

Arien Malec

  • Good news: all work done on agent implementation is relevant to REST.
  • Eventually would like for the technical teams to reach out to the implementation geographies to teach individuals to learn and install the client.

(4) Documentation and Testing WG

Janet Campbell

  • Updating Abstract Model.
  • Sent out e-mail to Google Group looking for volunteers to make progress on Abstract Model.
  • Scheduled a meeting for 3:00pm EST on Thursday (9/30).
  • Will send out Live Meeting info to anyone interested.
  • Redrawing lines about how specific Abstract Model should be, questioning accuracy.
  • Going through internal review of Security Overview at WG level.
  • Working on the FAQ from implementation geographies.
  • Gathering policy questions for implementations.
  • Will feed to the Best Practices WG this week or early next week.

(5) Communications WG

Rich Elmore

  • Progress on Overview presentation, messages for key stakeholders.
  • Arien Malec presented the Overview presentation for the Federal HIT Workgroup.
  • Thanks to Uvinie Hettiaratchy for taking the work of the WG and making it come alive.
  • Rebranding: plan to get suggestions by the end of the week, then Communications WG will narrow down to a short list next week, and determine the process for choosing a final name.
  • At today’s meeting the WG gave good feedback and thoughts about what was important to include in a new name.
  • Asked WG to Go to Communications WG page, Works in Progress, “Rebranding” to find information on rebranding ideas and to add suggestions.
  • Also at today’s WG meeting had a great discussion about the timing of a future communications push.
  • Still unsure about the sequence of events unfolding across the project.
  • First communications push: a need for some education around any rebranding and name changing.
  • Next communications push would be when there is enough around best practices, policy, reference implementation, implementation geographies, security, etc. (without knowing yet when all of these factors will come together).
  • Third communications push: WG will begin collecting information from implementation geographies for a final, wide-scale communications push.
  • Asked for volunteers to help with a communications launch.
  • Directed IG members to the Communications WG page, Works in Progress, Communications Launch.
  • Asked IG members to indicate areas where they might be able to help with communications.

Doug Arnold

  • Tomorrow in Connecticut there is a big REC kick-off meeting.
  • Is Communications WG material ready to be used?

Rich Elmore

  • Yes.
  • Go to Communications WG main page, Works in Progress.
  • Can find the materials under Communication Priorities.
  • WG will keep this page updated with the latest materials.
  • Asked IG members to take advantage of these documents as they find opportunities to present.
  • Also asked for feedback to make communications materials better.

(6) Best Practices WG

Arien Malec

  • Asked David McCallie to give an update from previous WG meeting.

David McCallie

  • WG members agreed that they need to produce a cheat sheet or series of steps detailing installation instructions to guide a HISP through the certificate management process.
  • Decided certificate management was a weak spot in overall understanding.
  • Suggested Security and Trust WG assists with the development of this document.
  • The instructions would be technical and would need to be coordinated with the reference implementation.
  • WG wants to be as specific as possible.
  • Also WG wants to produce a parallel document about a locally managed S/MIME style approach, making sure they are interoperable.

Sean Nolan

  • Mentioned that a conversation about certificate management has been started.

David McCallie

  • Noted a tension between wanting to make it as easy as possible for users to try out different certificate management options, but also to not release the Direct protocols to them without some form of guidance.

Arien Malec

  • Agreed that there will be people looking for holes.

David McCallie

  • After watching some of the reactions to the Tiger Team recommendations in the HIT press, feels that criticism can do harm to the project, even if the criticism is inaccurate.
  • IG needs to be careful to not let that happen, to the degree that it can be controlled.

Arien Malec

  • Recently conducting micro reviews of progress in different areas.
  • Getting to the point where people are saying, “OK what do I do now?”
  • The current questions are very different in substance from even one month ago, a sign of progress.
  • A number of pilot projects are in a pretty advanced stage of planning, kicking back questions, and sometimes even solutions, for issues they are facing.
  • Now it is about getting all the pieces to work together.

Calendar &Participation

Arien Malec
Introduced calendar of weekly meetings:

Meeting Time
Reference Implementation WG
Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm EST
Communications WG
Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm EST
Implementation Geographies WG
Wednesdays 12pm-1pm EST
Documentation and Testing WG
Wednesdays, 2pm-3pm EST
Best Practices WG
Thursdays, 1pm-2pm EST
Security and Trust WG
Thursdays, 2pm-3pm EST

  • Calendar of events is consistent.
  • Feel free to request invites to these particular WGs.
  • Appreciates all work being done, level of effort and quality of outcomes.
  • Updated list of IG participants (see presentation, above).
  • Biggest area where help is needed is in the Reference Implementation WG, particularly the CSharp Team’s work on XD.
  • There are a number of interesting meetings occurring this week, so watch for updates at next week’s IG.