Implementation Group Meeting 2011-02-01

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Implementation Group Call

Tuesday, February 01, 2011
3:00 PM

John Williams, LeRoy Jones, Sri Koka, Kim Long, Tim Andrews, Janet Campbell, Lee Jones, Peter Greaves, Tim Andrews, Mark Bamberg, Noam Arzt, Umesh Madan, Greg Meyer, will ross, Gary Christensen, Brett Peterson, Didi Davis, David Kibbe, Raghu Dodda, Don Jorgenson, Arien Malec

Arien -
There will be a Direct Project media call at HHS - There will be a set of organizations that are involved, including a physician representative who was involved in the first production aspects. The main goal of this event is to celebrate the Direct Project. There is a subset of you all that will be on stage. I wish that we could have everyone on stage, but we'd just ask you to recognize that HHS selected a subset of folks focusing on the implementation pilot and go-live. The goal and the messaging will thank everyone who has been involved in the project.

From a press perspective, this is a big deal. I think/hope there will be a lot of pickup and energy. The event will be headlined by Aneesh Chopra and Dr. Blumenthal. That combo almost guarantees good pickup. That has been the main focus of my energy over the past few days.

One of the major parts of the overall message is how this success was not a government project, but rather a community project.

For people who wonder, "Why now? Why today?": Clearly, we had the first production status. Also, in conjunction with the president's SOTU speech which focused on innovation, the role that the government can play in partnership rather than driving the private sector. The white house asked each of the departments for illustrative stories that exemplified that. Every time I talk about the Direct project, what I talk about is the community.

In terms of communication, there is a press release that will go out 12pm ET and we're trying to coordinate launch and messaging around that.

Please don't blog or otherwise make releases in advance of that 12:00 drop date.

I would encourage you to utilize your blog/communication outlet AT 12:00, particularly from a personal view.

In terms of what's going on in the project, we'll do our usual WG reviews.

Best Practices
We achieved consensus on the 2 BP documents that have been out for a while and are close to having the 3rd document go up for full-group consensus (recommendations for validation, certificate authorities).

Rich -
You covered most of it. Thanks to everyone who has been working so hard on that. In addition, there will be some announcements mid-Feb. that David Kibbe's working on. We have HIMSS announcements around the demos.

Probably sometime after HIMSS we'll have an announcement related to the specifications and compliance as well. We have 3 other events beyond the one that we're planning for this week. In addition, Janet has been working on an update on the main Direct Project website. That will go live at noon tomorrow also.

Didi, could you explain the volunteer needs for HIMSS?

I've been working with Ivy Eckerman at ONC. There is a request for tour guides. We're looking for 2-4 dedicated leaders every 2 hours about a 15-20 minute tour through the Direct Project kiosks. We're trying to break them into 2 groups, so we can highlight about 4 in one group and 4 in another. What has been offered by ONC is for those who would like to volunteer (you'd be have to be willing to work at least a 4 hour shift) Ivy Ackerman has some registration badges available for those who would like to volunteer. It will require you to work.

Arien -
Thanks Rich, Didi.

Documentation & Testing
Janet -
We've got the 3 big documents that we're still working on. We have the draft Risk Assessment in there; however, we did find another little problem. We're working our way through that. The simple health transport document will be going up for consensus. This is probably the most important thing that our group could do.

We're working our way through the compliance document. My guess is another week or two on that.

Arien -
We should have core specifications and the compliance document finalized soon.

Implementation Geographies
Paul -
Obviously we continue to remain in production. RIQI has made significant progress to get to a production status. The other pilots are largely ticking along as well with the intent to be live during/leading up to/following HIMSS. Tomorrow's meeting is cancelled, given that the event as HHS will be at the same time.

Reference Implementation
Arien -
The update on the RI is that there has been continued work on Java and .NET. That's going very well. There is some good news on the XD side. Vince is back on the project. Since the MedAllies pilot is using all of the XD features he'll be tackling the remaining Java issues. Vassil is also back on the .NET and will work on the XD side of the stack. There is more work that is needed to be done on .NET. There is a decent abstract representation, but the core work of doing the transformations needs to be put in place and we need to figure out how to integrate the transformation to the SMTP gateway. So, we should have updates by next week.

Security & Trust
Most of the work was already done. The big area was reviewing the XDR/XDM specifications in light of the risk assessment that was done.

Umesh -
It was a short meeting. We closed voting on the Threat Model. That's pretty much it.

Arien -
Thank you. So, lots going on as usual. A lot happening tomorrow. I'm going to be pretty much locked down tomorrow, so as was mentioned we're going to be cancelling the Implementation Geographies and Documentation & Testing meetings tomorrow. Anything else?

David Kibbe -
Could you talk about your expectations following tomorrow's event.

Arien -
Primarily the goal is to get the word out to the broader community. From an HHS and ONC perspective to highlight the good work that's being done and to highlight the unique roll of government as a convener and not a director and clearly to highlight the work that's being done and where it fits into the overall landscape of information exchange

That's the HHS ONC point of view. From a Direct POV it's another way to raise awareness, and from my POV celebrate the good work that's been going on.

Mark -
Is this going to be broadcasted?

Arien -
There will not be a live-cast, but video should be available after the fact.

Rich -
If we do find out that there will be more lines, we'll post that on the wiki. There will be live tweeting of the event (#directproject), and after the event is over there will be a video posted online.

Arien -
I really do intend this to be about celebrating the community.

Thanks everybody.