Implementation Group Meeting 2011-02-15

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Implementation Group Call

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
3:00 PM EST

Attendees: Brett Peterson (VisionShare), Amber Broadwater (Avisena Inc.), Greg Meyer (Cerner), Noam Arzt (HLN Consulting, LLC), Rich Furr (SAFE-BioPharma Assn), Sri Koka (Techsant Technologies), Tim Andrews (High Pine Associates), Janet Campbell (Epic), Kim Long (MedPLus), Umesh Madan (Microsoft Corp), Andy Heeren (Cerner Corporation), Arien Malec (ONC)

Arien -
There is a PCAST meeting today, so let's keep this brief.

In terms of global news for the Direct Project we have a few things. We have seen a number of additional first in use announcements and utilization of Direct Project specifications. You may have seen my blog with the notification of the first provider to patient use case and some important production use in the personal controlled health records space through HealthVault and then Care 360 enabling the push of messaging to the patient. It's my understanding that Care 360 and HealthVault are live and in production so we now have a number of organizations that are now bringing production capabilities of Direct implementation to the world. I was also across the street to attend the SureScripts / AAFP announcement where they announced a program to offer a low cost solution to clinical connectivity that incorporates the Direct Project specifications. There was a press release yesterday from MedAllies regarding the pilot program there. I would ask a couple of things. First of all, what we're trying to do at ONC is keep track of all of the announcements. Even if you're not doing a press release, if you're doing some other kind of public announcement, let us know because we have the ability to incorporate them into one release and post it on the ONC HIT Buzz blog. If you do have announcements or public statements about your utilization of Direct please let us know and we'll keep track of them. The second thing is if you are doing a press release and it does mention ONC, it would be great if you could give Ivy a pre-release copy of it. We don't want to slow anybody down, but we would like to help make sure that messaging is consistent and aligned with how ONC is talking about this.

Most of the news lately has been about production use -- we'll do a really brief round on WG status updates.

Rich -
In addition to what you mentioned, there is a very significant presents at HIMSS of the Direct Project. In the ONC interoperability showcase there will be 9 stations including 8 of the demos and 1 general Direct Project. We have given to the media, through Ivy, a list of the demos and Doug Fridsma will be making several presentations and mentioning Direct, as well as a number of other people. In the week following HIMSS there will be a big Buzz blog announcement of the announcements. The last act of the workgroup will be an event in March which will be tied in with the National eHealth Collaborative that Arien's going to be doing and the HITSC meeting. The last thing I would like to mention is that if you haven't been to the website, take a look. Janet did a great job updating that.

Best Practices
Arien -
The key news is that we have the Certification Authorities document, which we're now calling Guidance for Evaluation of Trust Anchors document. It is now at the BP workgroup for WG consensus.

Documentation & Testing
Janet -
You have 2 days to vote on the Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport.

Arien -
Yes, and lots of good “wordsmithing” on the Direct universality document. We're still making our way through coming up with words that everyone can understand.

Implementation Geographies
Arien -
Most of the news here has been primarily around HIMSS. Outside of the additional production stuff that I've been trying to make sure gets incorporated into the blog: Cerner did publish their pilot implementation, so there is an additional implementation geography - so that's highly useful. That one will be acute to ambulatory focus. I don't believe we'll be seeing any more production announcements before HIMSS, but immediately post-HIMSS we should see several.

Reference Implementation
Umesh -
We had a really short meeting. We patted each other on the back for the 1.0 releases. Then decided when we'll need to get the patches out.

Security & Trust
Umesh -
It was a very short meeting. We have WG consensus on the Threat Model for XD, so we're going to bring all of the threat models to Implementation Group consensus.

Arien -
Any questions? Okay, well I know everyone is super busy so we'll keep this short. It's great to see all of the hard work that we've done get reflected in reality. Thank you again for your involvement.