Implementation Group Meeting 2011-03-01

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Implementation Group Call

Tuesday, March 01, 2011
3:00 PM EST

Best Practices
Arien -
We have a number of best practices that have achieved consensus and are in the documentation library. I've written 2 additional best practices, one about the evaluation criteria of the trust anchors and certification authorities, and the other based on a discussion about HISP to HISP contracting. Do HISPs need to have mutual contracts with other HISPs? The HISP to HISP contracting best practices needs to describe the technical situation and make some pointers to the appropriate legal situation.

Arien -
Most of the news in communications really focused on 2 aspects surrounding HIMSS. First, obviously, the demonstrations were fantastic. There was a lot of energy and a lot of traffic, and some truly amazing demonstration. Kudos to everyone involved, as well as to Ivy and John and their team.

The second area is related to the Ecosystem. I'm sorry that we generated a lot of enthusiasm about Dr. Blumenthal noting the ecosystem players in his keynote. For timing reasons that didn't end up happening. We will make more announcements related to the ecosystem. I would note that we have more than 60 organizations that are planning on bringing Direct connectivity to their solutions. I had a number of good discussions about how to make it clear to people that, for example, SMTP to XDR bridges are not only not a hack, they're actually desired and they're a great way to bring on organizations that have existing capabilities. The goal I think we should be striving towards is a goal where the existing networks that currently serve provides can get at least quickly connected to each other to enable the broadest degree of interoperability.

The key communications activities over the next month are
o A presentation on the state of Direct, focusing on where we are in production, trying to address final specifications. We do have, by the way, finalized specifications for the applicability document, we need to get to the same place for the XDR/XDM specification as well as the Direct Compliance document. We need to get that out and concencized.
o At the end of the month at the HITSC meeting we will have a final report back to the standards committee on the Direct Project, where things are, learnings from production, etc.

We need to think about where the committee goes after March. I don't know that the need is going to go away for Communications and Documentation. They're going to want to have some place to go and some kind of community around this. We're starting to talk about reducing the number of calls, and making sure that we're still meeting all of your needs.

Documentation & Testing
Arien -
The workgroup will not be held today. Most of the energy in D&T is focused on the conformance statement - what does it mean to connect to the wider community for universal addressing and universal transport. There is a group that is organized around getting that to the finish line.

One of the key deliverables is the applicability statement. Is that done? [yes, but needs revised/reconsencized]

The other thing was, I think everyone will welcome the idea of staying together as a group, at least for the short-term. It's like any standard is version 1 - it's not going to be the final version. Usually there would need some enhancement or refinement down the road. Is it possible that there would be interest in that?

Arien -

David -
Like the whole provider directory thing that seems to be so big at the national level, which we never baked in. If that comes to pass and needs to be oriented towards push-type cases like Direct you would think that bringing back this community with whatever standards come out of directories would make sense as a next-step.

Arien -
Very much agreed.

Implementation Geographies
Arien -
Most of the energy went into the demonstrations that occurred at HIMSS. To my knowledge we have a few geographies that are going into real-world operation this month, and then a few others over next month.

Reference Implementation
Beau -
We have been pretty active over the past few weeks. The .NET group has been focused on big fixes. In addition they have been doing massive amounts of documentation. The Java group has also been pretty active. We've added quite a few new tests. We've got the gateway code up to 90% gateway coverage. which is a really great number to have.

[Phone cut out. No minutes beyond this point.]